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Training with Fuji Electric

Be trained on Fuji Electric products

  • Your staff is trained on the configuration and optimum use of our equipment to ensure the best possible operation of your installation.
  • Trainings are aimed at all users level (operators, service technicians, engineers). We define your needs and create the training content together.
  • Training can be at Fuji Electric (headquarters in France) or at your facilities.

Possible training courses

Level and pressure transmitters

  • Transmitters FCX AIIV5 Series
    • Possible measurement principles for level and pressure applications
    • Types of pressure transmitters
    • Specific design for remote seals
    • Options and accessories
  • Transmitters mounting according to different application conditions and commissioning
  • Programming and settings adjustments
    • External screw
    • Digital indicator
    • Hand-held communicator
    • Hart Explorer
    • FDT DTM
  • Level, flow and density measurement applications
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting


  • Introduction to Fuji Electric flowmeters
  • Working principle
  • Installation conditions
  • Calibration and verification on site
  • Installation and wiring
  • Converter manipulation
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Gas analysers 

  • Introduction to Fuji Electric gas analysers
    • Atmospheric Emissions Monitoring (CEMs)
    • Multigas extractive analyzers
    • Laser in-situ analyzers
    • Biogas analyzer & Biogas system
    • Combustion control analyzers
    • Compact ZSV sampling system and analyzer
  • Working principle
  • Configuration, programming, commissioning and optimal use
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Controlers and recorders

  • Introduction to Fuji Electric controllers and recorders
    • PXF series / PXH series / PUM series /PSC series
  • Choose the most suitable controller or recorder for your application
  • PID control
  • Configuration, programming, commissioning and optimal use
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

TouchScreen Panel and Programmable Operator Interface

  • Introduction to the Monitouch Serie
  • App design with VSFT software
  • Optimal use of TELLUS & VSERVER monitoring software



For futher information contact us : sales.dpt@fujielectric.fr

*The training content detailed above is an example. It is not contractual. The final content is defined between Fuji Electric and the customer