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Thermal energy and boiler

Fuji Electric's expertise supports professionals of the thermal energy industry during each phase of the energy production in order to
reduce costs, increase yields, extend the life of installations, reduce air pollution


A boiler is a closed vessel in  which water or other fluid is  heated or vaporized to supply  steam or hot water to other  equipment or facilities.
Fire, high-temperature gas, or electricity is  used as a heat source of boilers.


Water-tube boiler

Two drums are arranged upper and  lower, connected each other by a number of water tubes, through  which water is circulated.
The tubes are heated by combustion gas to  generate steam.

How to choose the instrumentation for boiler ?

Large industrial boiler

Feedwater control (FWC): keeps the water level in the drum constant.
Automatic combustion control (ACC): controls the flow rates of both fuel and air to improve combustion efficiency while  ensuring safety and preventing pollution,
and to keep a constant steam pressure

Stack and utilities

stack and utilities cement plantStack allow emission of flue gas generated through fuel combustion.
Flue gas is blown an induced draft fan toward stack. Then it is emitted from stack to be diluted into the atmosphere. Height of stack should be determined after considering the effect of weather, geography and neighbouring construction and spread of regulated materials as well.
In this regard air  pollution monitoring equipment is indispensable.

Instrumentation for stack and utilities :


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