Software for Human Machine Interface

Fuji Electric offers a range of HMI softwares to implement your industrial processes : programming (V-SFT), data processing (PodViewer), data control and monitoring (Tellus & V-server).

V-SFT configuration software for human-machine interface

Facilitates screen configuration and maintenance with various functions

v sft software for hmi configuration

  • Emulator :
    V-SFT allows debugging of the screen program on your PC.
  • Automatic resizing:
    Automatic resizing from QVGA (320X240) to WGVA (800X480). Previous program can be used without change.
  • Function switches display:
    Function switches on the previous models can be added t the screen, and the screen program for the function switches can be used as well.

Easy screen configuration and maintenance thanks to numerous functions

no memory problems

V-SFT software updates for HMI

Download and updates of Tellus and V-Server software are free on the Monitouch Fuji Electric website.
To stay informed of new updates do not hesitate to register on this website.

PodViewer software (license required) HMI for data visualization

Help with using your measurement files

hmi podviewer software

Fuji Electric Solutions team developed PodViewer Software for measurement data exploitation which files are recorded on CSV file or binary format. It displays the measurements obtained in the form of curves.

The data (measurements, alarms, events) are stored in CSV files or encrypted files in the Monitouch. This file is transferred to a server and can be integrated into a database.

In cause of problem (network, server etc.) the file remains safe in Monitouch.

Tellus & V-Server supervision software for human-machine interface 

Remote monitoring and control of your production

tellus and v server hmi software

Quick response to changes and improved operational efficiency.

Tellus & V-Server links Monitouch in a factory with a PC in the office, so that your PC can collect on-site data or monitor and control the equipment in the factory. This combination enables efficient and low-cost production, immediate and appropriate response to the condition of the line is possible from anywhere.

  • Data logging function: production data can be regularly read out and saved in database, CSV/Excel format.
    Readout of sampling data: sampling data from temperature controllers, PLC and Monitouch can be read out and saved in database or CSV/Excel format
  • Data management: production data can be extracted and transferred to the PLC. Production data prepared on Excel, CSV or other databases can be transferred to temperature controllers, PLC and Monitouch screens.
  • Data monitoring: alarm data ca be monitored by V-Server to display historical data or a list of alarms currently occurring. In addition, an e-mail alert can be sent immediately when a critical alarm occurs.

Download Tellus & V-Server software and software updates

Downloads and updates for Tellus and V-Server software are available free of charge from the Monitouch Fuji Electric website .
To stay informed of new updates, please register on this site.

tellus and vserver software downloads and updates

Discover the software for Human Machine Interface

Configure and analyse the performance of your systems with Fuji Electric human-machine interface software!