Pressure transmitter for nuclear applications

Fuji Electric France distinguishes itself by producing pressure transmitters with remarkable precision, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent criteria of the nuclear industry.

Pressure transmitter for nuclear applications

Safety, innovation and top performance pressure transmitters for 20 years

Safety, innovation and top performance pressure transmitters for 20 years

Fuji Electric's mission is to offer nuclear operators, EPCs and subcontractors innovative, high-performance and reliable products with high precision, long-term stability and short delivery times. Pressure transmitters innovative, high-performance, reliable products with high precision, long-term stability and rapid delivery times.

We have supplied differential, absolute and relative pressure transmitters to nuclear power plants and nuclear research centers all over the world.

Nuclear pressure transmitter

You may be wondering why to use nuclear qualified pressure transmitters.

One of the right questions to ask is without doubt: Safety?
What makes them so special?

Let's take a look at the key aspects right now.

nuclear pressure transmitter

So what is a nuclear pressure transmitter ?

what is a nuclear pressure transmitter

Fuji Electric sensors are designed and manufactured to provide accurate and reliable measurements in nuclear facilities.

They are qualified and can be installed on systems performing safety classified functions, the failure of which could lead to serious industrial or radiological consequences.

Fuji Electric's pressure transmitters have been used for decades in all of EDF's French nuclear power plants and in many other plants around the world, as well as in the latest EPRs commissioned or under construction (Taishan, Flamanville, Olkiluoto and Hinkley Point).

Fuji Electric France's commitment to nuclear safety is total and includes the implementation of a safety culture approach. This is part of the company's DNA.

Nuclear qualifications, IEEE, RCC-E K3, K3ad, KTA, IEC,... Are you interested?

nuclear qualifications iee rcc e k3 k3ad kta

The RCC-E provides rules for the design and construction of electrical and control assemblies for pressurised water reactors.

It defines the technical rules and requirements for:

  • Qualification of equipment subject to safety classification (IPS-1E / F1A / NC) and equipment important for plant availability (IPD),
  • Specific quality assurance requirements, complementing ISO 9001.

The RCC-E is written by the AFCEN (French Association for Design Rules):

It is developed in partnership with industrialists, engineers, manufacturers, inspection bodies and operators, it represents a collection of good practices in compliance with the requirements of the IAEA. The AFCEN, counts among its members companies and institutes such as EDF, Framatome, CEA, Bureau Veritas, etc...

Fuji Electric pressure transmitters are qualified according to the RCC-E

There are several categories of qualification:  

Why choose a Fuji Electric nuclear qualified sensor?

Choosing a Fuji Electric "nuclear qualified" transmitter will ensure that your project requirements are met in terms of:

6 essential characteristics of a nuclear pressure transmitter:

A nuclear pressure transmitter is constructed from materials from rigorously selected suppliers, ensuring the high level of quality, traceability and qualification required.

quality management


Fuji Electric ensures strict quality control during the manufacturing process, including continuous training and skills management of personnel, traceability of supplies and third-party suppliers, control of manufacturing processes, documentation, and customer technical support.



Fuji Electric's nuclear pressure transmitters have been qualified to perform and maintain their qualification level, i.e. maintain their performance level and operability in the event of a severe accident, for a period of 40 years, some even 60 years.



Electrical connections are also a key point. For example, we use qualified K2 sockets with quick disconnection (1/4 turn) from partners such as SAIB or SOURIAU, themselves historical players in the French nuclear industry.



All the seals and sealing products used have PMUC certification.
Depending on the type of transmitter and its destination, e.g. a restricted radiological area, we offer EPDM seals for their high tolerance to radiation.



The different types of electronics are specifically designed to ensure performance and reliability.

The "smart" digital models have undergone rigorous robustness tests, while the "analog" models, without any programmable digital components, guarantee performance and reliability in the most demanding environments (accidental profiles, irradiation, earthquake & thermodynamic shocks).

process connection


In addition to the classic connections via process flanges, there are also versions with remote seals diaphragm, which are distinguished by the wide range of connections available:

Mounting with flange adapter according to EN or ANSI standard
Mounting on OD 3/8 weld-on pipe
Flushing rings

They are also distinguished by the choice of materials available depending on the nature of the process fluid: ASI 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy (seawater), diaphragm with gold+ceramic coating (hydrogen), etc...

Nuclear Pressure Transmitter: How to choose?

Fuji Electric's range of nuclear-qualified pressure transmitters can be used for a wide range of applications:

Digital or analog remote seal pressure transmitter
gauge or differential pressure
pressure transmitter analog or digital

“K3-A, K3-AD category” classified or no classified
Digital or analog pressure transmitter
absolute, gauge or differential pressure

The entire Fuji Electric range can also be offered with diaphragm seals.
The selection is made according to :

Ambient conditions?No radiation, or
Presence of ambient and/or accidental radiation up to 50 kGy
Need for qualification
to accidental conditions?
Seismic requirements?Operability
Design spectrum
Service conditions
of the process?
Nature of the fluid and risk of corrosion
We can thus distinguish
two main families
of apparatus allowing to
to meet the majority of
Smart" digital transmitter
Transmitter with 100% analog electronics and no programmable components (CEP or ANFL)

Where are Fuji Electric nuclear pressure transmitters installed?

The applications are many and varied.

Fuji Electric pressure transmitters are used in almost all areas of a nuclear power plant, outside the containment of the BR. They are used on the secondary circuit, the cooling circuit and in the engine room housing the steam turbine. They are also installed on the auxiliary and backup circuits:

where to find pressure transmitters fuji electric schema

Reference for Fuji Electric nuclear pressure transmitters 

 The company has delivered more than 6 000 units including Gauge, Differential, Absolute pressure transmitters to EDF, AREVA, ALSTOM GE for French powers plant, EPR in France, Finland, China and PWR in South Africa or NPCIL in India.

reference for fuji electric nuclear pressure transmitters

Ensure reliable measurements for your nuclear facilities with our specially designed pressure transmitters !

Reliability, precision and safety: Fuji Electric's commitment to safer nuclear technology!