Ultrasonic Flow meter portable - FSC

The portable ultrasonic flow meter is a versatile system comprising two clamp-on transducers and a digital converter, capable of adapting to a variety of conditions, liquid types and pipe sizes.

Ultrasonic flow meter portable FSC for liquid flow measurement

fsc portable ultrasonic flow meter

This portable ultrasonic flow meter consists of two clamp on transducers (install on the closed pipe) and of a digital converter operating on internal battery or on a power source.

This non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter uses transit time ultrasonic signal technology to measure liquid flow in any size of pipe.

It offers a wide range of applications thanks to its ability to adapt to all types of conditions and a wide choice of liquids and pipe sizes.

Benefits of portable ultrasonic flow meters

advantages of portable ultrasonic flow meters

  • Precise liquid flow measurement
  • No need to cut the pipe wall thanks to clamp-on transducers
  • Quick installation
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure loss
  • Bidirectional measurement of high flow velocities from -32 to +32 m/s.

Portable, powerful and user-friendly ultrasonic device, highly appreciated by all those who want to measure flow in the field: a large color LCD graphic display, a set of drop-down menus and a reduced number of buttons make this device a simple, powerful and user-friendly tool.

Easy flow measurement anytime, anywhere with the portable ultrasonic flow meter

easy flow measurement
  • Non-intrusive flow measurement without pressure drop
  • Anti-bubble function reduces interference for reliable, accurate measurement.
  • Ergonomic, compact and lightweight design
  • Quick and easy sensor mounting on the pipe
  • Wide range of pipe sizes (from DN 13 to 6000 mm)
  • Long autonomy: battery-powered, with 12h continuous operating time, rechargeable in just 3 hours.
  • Designed for industrial use: rugged, water-resistant, resistant to wet and humid conditions
  • Supplied with converter carrying case, sensors and all cables and accessories
  • Screen copy function to associated printer (optional) or bmp file
portable ultrasonic flow meter anywhere

Energy calculation function available 

This formula calculates the amount of energy received and emitted by the liquid (water) during cooling and heating operations in HVAC air-conditioning systems.

The electronic transmitter calculates the thermal energy consumption based on the forward flow temperature, the return flow temperature, and the liquid flow rate.

The ultrasonic flow meter can calculate the energy efficiency of the heating system and help you save energy.

energy calculation function

Simple, user-friendly interface

user-friendly interface

The FSC ultrasonic flowmeter has an LCD and colour display with excellent real time performance for easy reading and understanding. Together with the measurement and totalization display function, the FSC ultrasonic flowmeters also offer :

  • History functions (SD memory card backup),
  • Graphical display of liquid flow measurements and resulting sound waves,
  • Memory storage of 1 to 20 configurations,
  • Calculating the amount of energy consumed,
  • A USB digital link enables connection to a PC.
  • Multi-language display

graphic display of fsc menus

Portable ultrasonic flow meter application

ultrasonic flow meter application

  • Detecting leaks of any liquid in a pipeline
  • Temporary liquid flow measurement for maintenance purposes on pipes of all sizes.
  • Volumetric flow in clean liquids and those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, such as surface water or raw sewage
  • Non-invasive flow calibration of an existing electromagnetic flow meter
  • Pump flow control
  • Measuring and balancing the district heating network

Note: This device is not a portable gas flowmeter and is not suitable for gas flow measurement applications such as compressed air.

non-invasive flow calibration

Technical specifications

Adaptability to a wide range of fluids

This ultrasonic flow meter excels in the measurement of homogeneous liquids propagating ultrasonic waves. Various fluids such as water, hot water, distilled water, alcohol, milk, ethanol and many others can be accurately evaluated, offering exceptional flexibility for a wide range of industrial applications.

Impressive range of pipe diameters

The capacity of the FSC flowmeter extends to pipe diameters from 13 to 6000 mm, offering exceptional adaptability to a variety of industrial systems. The choice of a specific sensor enables measurement to be optimized according to the pipe's characteristics.

Reliable measurement under extreme conditions

With a fluid temperature range from -40°C to +200°C, this sensor can operate reliably in extreme environments. This ability to operate in a wide range of temperature conditions depends on the sensor used, demonstrating considerable versatility.

Extended flow speed range

Measured flow velocity ranges from 0 to ±32 m/s, with an accuracy of ±1.0% depending on the specific flow velocity. This extensive capability covers a wide range of applications, from very low flows to high velocities.

Fast Response Time and Optimal Channel Count

The sensor offers a fast response time of 1 second, ensuring virtually instantaneous measurement of flow variations. With a single channel based on transit time, the sensor maintains maximum operational efficiency.

Intuitive display and versatile output options

Equipped with a graphic LCD color display with backlighting, the sensor allows clear visualization of data. Outputs include one 4-20 mA DC analog output (1 point) and two 4-20 mA DC/1-5 V DC analog inputs (2 points), ensuring optimum connectivity with other industrial systems.

Autonomous power supply and robust protection

The ultrasonic flow meter incorporates a battery offering up to 12 hours of continuous operation at full charge, guaranteeing reliable autonomy. With IP64 protection, the device is resistant to dust and water splashes.

Compact dimensions and extended storage

Compact, with dimensions of 210 × 120 × 65 mm and weighing around 1 kg, the sensor is easy to install in a variety of industrial environments. The 512 MB SD memory card stores measurements for around two years, ensuring extended data traceability.

Advanced Features and Facilitated Communication

The flowmeter offers advanced features such as adjustable damping time, instantaneous and totalized value display, energy consumption calculation, self-diagnosis, and much more. Data communication is simplified with a USB interface, enabling easy transfer of values stored on the memory card.

Customized options for specific needs

The FSC ultrasonic flow meter offers advanced options such as a printer version for copying screens, generating periodic logs and printing archived data. In addition, the Pulse Doppler Effect function displays instantaneous and average flow velocity profiles, providing in-depth analysis of fluid characteristics.

Discover the portable ultrasonic flow meter FSC

The portable ultrasonic flow meter FSC: precision and performance for your flow measurements!