Multi-loop controllers - PUM series

The multi-loop controllers PUM series enable rapid programming and storage of collection data via a simple IT connection, and provide clearly legible results thanks to an industrial touchscreen HMI display.

PUM modular multi-loop controllers

Multi-loop module temperature controllers : smart - user-friendly - fast

pum series controllers smart user-friendly fast

High performance to optimize your mechanical equipment

  • Smart control (optimum multiple-zone control, PLC function by plug-in module in option, programless host communication)
  • User-friendly control (detachable terminal, simple loader operation)
  • Fast control (high-speed data communication, high-speed data sampling)

Two control modules for your application

Basic system :

Basic system is composed of a control module and an Event/Analog I/O module

basic system

Expansion system :

Expansion system is composed of the basic system + expansion commiunication module + PLC operation control module

extended system

Why not choose the multi-loop controllers PUM series for precise, reliable measurement?