Hydrostatic pressure transmitter for level measurement

Hydrostatic pressure transmitters play a crucial role in accurate liquid level measurement in a wide range of industrial applications. These sensors are indispensable for ensuring the efficiency, safety and reliability of industrial processes requiring precise liquid level measurement. 

Benefits of the FCX hydrostatic level transmitter

Benefits of the FCX hydrostatic level transmitter

The high-precision hydrostatic level transmitters FKE, FKB and FKD accurately measure the liquid level.

The measuring cell converts to a proportional 4-20 mA electrical output signal.

The heart of the measuring element is a micro-capacitive silicon transducer that has proven itself in the process industry.

The digital signal processing performed by the electronic unit and its components provides outstanding characteristics in terms of accuracy and stability.

Technical Features

Minimal environmental influence

Hydrostatic pressure transmitters measure the pressure exerted by a liquid at rest as a function of its height, density and gravity. This pressure is directly proportional to water level, and can be used to accurately determine liquid height in a variety of applications.

Minimal environmental influence

These sensors are essential for monitoring and controlling water levels in areas such as drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, irrigation, hydroelectric power, surface and groundwater management, and many others. The use of pressure transmitter for level measurement is a cost-effective solution, particularly for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The sensor can be mounted directly or via a diaphragm seal.

Highly resistant to chemicals and mechanical loads and insensitive to electromagnetic interference, the hydrostatic pressure level sensor can be used for all measurements on corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and on tanks closed or open to the atmosphere.

Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter

Level measurement by differential pressure transmitter

Differential pressure transmitters are used to measure the level of a pressurised vessel. This type of sensor is mainly used for corrosive gases or liquids.

level measurement by sensor gauge pressure

Level measurement using gauge pressure transmitter

Gauge pressure transmitters are used to measure the level of a tank open to the atmosphere.

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