Flameproof type in-situ oxygen analysers

Monitor oxygen concentration in non-combustible gas mixtures, thanks to our advanced O2 analysis system for hazardous areas.

Flameproof type in-situ oxygen gas analyser for hazardous applications, detector ZFKE and converter ZKME

Flameproof  in-situ oxygen analysers
atex o2 analysis system

Analyser O2 flameproof type, TIIS and NEPSI certified

This in situ oxygen gas analyser is specially designed for continuous measurement of oxygen concentration in non-combustible exhaust gas.

Ideally for combustion management and control. This analysis system comprises the detector and the converter coupled together.

Features of flameproof type in-situ oxygen analysers

nepsi certified
certifies tiis

Oxygen specifications for hazardous areasanalyser

Operating principle

At the heart of this analyser is the in-situ zirconia sensor, providing precise measurement of oxygen in non-combustible gas mixtures. This state-of-the-art technology guarantees exceptional reliability.

Configurable measuring range

The user-configurable measuring range extends from 0 to 50% oxygen volume. This flexibility enables precise adaptation to specific application requirements.

High accuracy and linearity

With a repeatability of less than ±0.5% of full scale and a linearity of less than ±2% of full scale, this analyser guarantees accurate and reliable results.

Fast Response Time

The impressive response time, varying between 4 and 7 seconds to reach 90% of the final reading, ensures real-time monitoring of changes in the gas environment.

Versatile output options

A choice of 4-20 mA or 0-1 Vdc analog output provides easy integration into a variety of control and monitoring systems.

Advanced Security Features

The analyser is equipped with sophisticated safety features, including automatic power cut-off if a thermocouple failure is detected, and emergency power cut-off via an external input. The locking function prevents operating errors.

Communication and Advanced Options

RS-485 Modbus or HART communication provides extensive connectivity. Optional features such as combustion efficiency display, automatic cleaning, automatic calibration, selector valve and flowmeter increase the versatility ofanalyser.

Flexible installation and power supply

The analyser can be panel- or pipe-mounted, offering adaptability to a variety of installation configurations. With a maximum cable length of 100 meters between controller and detector, installation flexibility is preserved. What's more, the analyser accepts a supply voltage of 100-120 Vac or 200-240 Vac at 50/60 Hz.

Discover the flameproof type in-situ oxygen analysers

Our flameproof type in-situ oxygen analysers continuously monitor oxygen concentration in your hazardous areas.