Electromagnetic flow meter for liquids

Electromagnetic flow meters, suitable for measuring the flow of all conductive liquids, are used in a wide range of industrial sectors, from the chemical industry to the food industry, for example.

Electromagnetic flow meters for liquid flow measurement

simple, economical solutions for liquids

Simple and economical flow measurement solutions for conductive liquids

Electromagnetic flow meters are ideally suited to measuring the flow of all liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm (20 μS/cm for demineralized water).

These meters are highly accurate and the flow measurement is independent of the density, temperature and pressure of the medium.

They can be used wherever the flow of a conductive liquid needs to be measured, whatever the industrial sector : chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food or water treatment.

Measurement principle of electromagnetic flow meters

measurement principle of electromagnetic flow meters

The measurement principle of electromagnetic flow meters is based on Faraday's law: E=k*B*D*V.

The voltage induced by a conductor moving through a magnetic field is directly proportional to the conductor's speed.

The induced voltage is measured across two diametrically opposed electrodes.

This voltage is proportional to the magnetic field, the distance between the two electrodes and the average fluid velocity.

ModMAGTM magnetic flow meter series

modemag electromagnetic flow meters

With excellent reliability over time (no moving parts), high accuracy (±0.2%) and low pressure drop on the pipework, these mag flow meters are perfectly adapted to your volumetric flow measurement requirements.

  • Available for pipe sizes diameters from 6 to 2000 mm,
  • Compact mounting (converter mounted on the measuring tube) or remote,
  • Several internal coatings of the measuring tube (PTFE, hard rubber, rubber) and several types of electrodes (AISI 316 Ti, Hastelloy CTM and Platinum) are available,
  • The microprocessor converter can be integrated into the measuring tube or remotely mounted in an IP67 enclosure or rack-mounted,
  • Hazardous areas explosion-proof version (M3000/M4000)
  • Stand-alone version (M5000) with battery power (up to 12 years of autonomy),
  • Extended communication options (HARTTM, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUSTM, M-Bus, Ethernet etc.)

electromagnetic flow meters range

Portable test console for electromagnetic flow meters M1000, M2000, M5000

portable electromagnetic flow meter verification console

All important flow meter parameters are measured, compared and evaluated. The accuracy of the converter and I/Os, as well as the most important sensor parameters, are measured continuously without interrupting the flow, quickly and easily, guaranteeing safe and optimum flow meter operation.

The M1000, M2000 and M5000 electromagnetic flow meters can be checked periodically on site, at low cost and without interrupting the process. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to check without dismantling the device that the flowmeter calibration does not exceed ±1% of the original factory calibration.

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