Electromagnetic flow meter ATEX M3000/4000

The M3000/4000 ATEX electromagnetic flow meter provides compact or remote flow measurement in classified hazardous areas (Ex zones 1 and 2).

Electromagnetic flow meter ATEX ModMAG™ M3000/4000

atex electromagnetic flow meter modmag m3000 m4000

Liquid measurement for hazardous areas

The amplifier housing, made of powder coated aluminium, is available in protection class IP67 and with a separate connection space. An internal partition provides physical separation from the various terminal blocks.

Programming can be done either with closed housing thanks to a magnetic pen or with open housing via three buttons. The four-line display shows all necessary data like actual flow, totalizer and status messages. The programmable excitation frequency even enables the amplifier to be adjusted for difficult metering applications.

The newly developed process for amplifier compensation enables a high accuracy, especially in the lower flow range.

The M3000 and M4000 electromagnetic flow meters are specially designed for suited for flow measurements in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as water and waste water plants with explosion-proof zones.

Main functions

main functions

Technical specifications

Versatile power supply with exceptional precision

This flowmeter offers a remarkable power supply range, operating between 85 and 265 Vac at 45-65 Hz with a consumption of less than 20 VA. A 24 Vdc option is also available to suit different industrial configurations. With an accuracy of ±0.2% of measured flow, this flowmeter excels even at speeds below 0.5 m/s, ensuring reliable measurement in a variety of scenarios.

Exceptional repeatability and extended measuring range

Exceptional repeatability, less than 0.1% of full scale, guarantees precise consistency in all operating conditions. The extended measurement range from 0.03 to 12 m/s effectively covers the varied needs of industrial applications.

Intuitive interface and multiple output options

The user interface is simplified with a backlit LCD display, clearly showing flow rate, three totalizers and system status. Programming can be carried out using three intuitive buttons or a magnetic pen for maximum user-friendliness. The flowmeter offers a variety of output options, including a 0/4-20 mA analog output, active or passive pulse outputs, and frequency outputs up to 10 kHz.

Empty Tube Detection and Robust Protection

Empty tube detection is guaranteed by a separate electrode, ensuring unrivalled accuracy even in harsh conditions. The rugged cast aluminum housing offers IP67 protection, withstanding the most demanding industrial environments.

Certification for hazardous areas

This flowmeter is certified for use in potentially explosive environments. The M3000 version is approved for Class I, Division 2 / Zone 2, while the M4000 version is certified for Class I, Division 1 / Zone 1. These certifications attest to compliance with the highest safety standards.

Flange process connection for hazardous area Type V

Size : DN 6 to 600 (M3000) or DN 6 to 300 (M4000)
Nominal pressure : PN 10 PN 100

TypeDiameterTemperature Fluid
NeopreneDN 25 to 6000 to 80°C
Hard rubberDN 25 to 6000 to 80°C
PFADN 6 to 10-40 to +150°C
PTFEDN 15 to 200-40 to +150°C
HalarDN 300 to 600-40 to +150°C

Discover the electromagnetic flow meter ATEX M3000/4000

Our M3000 and M4000 ATEX electromagnetic flow meters offer enhanced safety and guaranteed performance for your flow rates!