Clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for steam

Fuji Electric has made a significant breakthrough in steam measurement by creating the world's first clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for steam. By exploiting this cutting-edge technology, industries can improve accuracy, save time and reduce costs.

World's first clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter

first non-intrusive ultrasonic saturated steam flow meter

Non-intrusive ultrasonic saturated steam flowmeter capable of measuring steam flow without the need to cut the pipe.

It was previously difficult to measure the steam flow used in factories in various industrial sectors, but this flowmeter can now be installed even when the equipment is in operation.

Measure the steam flow with precision thanks to a new noise reduction technology, whatever the pressure (from 0.1 MPa (G)) and temperature (up to 180 ° C).

Ultrasonic steam flowmeter applications 

ultrasonic steam flow meter applications
advantages of the non-intrusive steam flow meter diagram

Advantages of the flowmeter non-intrusive steam

  • Easy, quick, economical and secure installation
  • Reliability and accuracy of measurements
  • Maximum flexibility and a wide range of applications
  • Early detection of steam leaks
  • Process monitoring and corrective actions
  • Low maintenance and use
  • Designed to last in harsh industrial environments


Modern industries rely heavily on advanced technologies to accurately measure various parameters, and the field of flow measurement is no exception. The Fuji Electric FSJ flowmeter offers a non-intrusive, accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow of saturated steam under a variety of conditions. Here's a detailed look at datasheet .

Mounting method

The flowmeter adopts a non-intrusive mounting method, eliminating any interference with the saturated steam flow. This approach guarantees accurate, reliable measurement without disturbing the process.

Fluid and Measurement Method

Saturated steam is the measuring medium, offering optimum compatibility with a variety of industrial environments.
Transit time difference technology is used to ensure accurate flow measurement. This ultrasonic-based method offers high sensitivity and exceptional resolution.

Flow speed range

The flowmeter can measure flow velocities from 0 to ±50 m/s, covering a wide range of industrial applications.


Piping and Pipe Characteristics

A pipe length of 20 D or more upstream and 10 D or more downstream is recommended to ensure stable, accurate measurement.
The flowmeter is compatible with carbon steel and stainless steel pipes, offering installation flexibility for nominal diameters (DN) of 50, 65, 80, and 100.
The flowmeter is suitable for pipe thicknesses from 2.8 to 3.9 mm, enabling efficient installation in a variety of configurations.

Fluid conditions

The flowmeter can operate in a temperature range from 120 to 180°C, ensuring stable performance even under varying thermal conditions.
In terms of fluid pressure, the flowmeter adapts to the pressure conditions commonly encountered in industrial applications and supports a pressure range from 1 bar to 9 bar.

Environmental Protection

The flowmeter is IP67-rated with connectors fitted, guaranteeing protection against moisture ingress and splashes.

Inputs and outputs

Mass Flow Conversion

Mass flow conversion is performed by taking into account the fixed value input (density), the temperature input, and the pressure input.


An RS-485 option is available for easy integration into control and monitoring systems.


The flowmeter operates from a power supply of 100 to 240 V AC, with a consumption of 20 VA.

Environmental conditions

The flowmeter can operate in ambient conditions ranging from -20 to +60°C, with an ambient humidity of 95% RH or less.
The flowmeter is equipped with a Class D earth connection, with an earth resistance of 100Ω or less, ensuring reliable isolation.

Characteristics of the ultrasonic flowmeter for steam

Opt for precision, time savings and cost reduction with our clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for steam!