All-in-one Temperature Controller Recorder Pack

Combining PID control, setpoint programs and the highest in graphical recording capabilities creates an unparalleled experience.
The all-inclusive recorder and controller bundle provides the perfect concoction of graphical recording with PID control.

This unit delivers four high-precision universal inputs to record data and execute PID control. This data-recording device with precise control boasts a luminous 7' VGA display, creating an ultra-sharp operator interface for even the tiniest of machines.

ControlPack - Your all-in-one multiloop temperature controller and recorder

Control, program and configure with easy, user-friendly and economical tools

control program save configure

The Fuji Electric Solutions team has developed an all-in-one, ready-to-used and user-friendly temperature control pack.

This temperature control pack features powerful, user-friendly software and a simple, intuitive HMI for control, programming, recording and configuration.

This scalable system makes it possible to target a maximum number of control applications.

It is equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI ) for visualization and control, one or more multi-loop temperature controllers (PUMA and PUME), a 220V AC/24V DC power supply and connection and communication cables.

Type of temperature control

Temperature control and recording pack variants

Pack typeECOFULL
DeviceTS2060i (PUMA)TS2060i (PUM A + PUM E)
Number of PID loop control44
Number of output control /input control (heat/cool)44
E/S TOR alarmsNoYes ( 8 configurable)
Stockage, Ethernet connectionYesYes
“POD Viewer ” PC softwareYes (Optional)
Loop per program (16 ramps/landings)1010
Loop auto-tuningYesYes

POD VIEWER data archiving and management software

archiving software en
  • Plot and display temperature curves live
  • Retrieve/view temperature measurement files
  • Archive cycle temperature data
  • Open system thanks to Modbus TCP communication
  • Multilingual (French, English, Italian, Spanish and Japanese)

Don't wait any longer and choose the all-in-one temperature programmer-recorder-controller pack for your control system!