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Design - Development - Implementation


supervision system for industryThe Solutions department provides you global industrial solutions: from measurement (pressure, flow, temperature, gas, energy) to data processing (dashboards, reports).

Our objective: to deliver reliable and durable systems to be autonomous.

  • Programming and software development (PLC, HMI, PC)
  • Modernization and design of temperature control systems for machine manufacturers
  • Design and construction of enclosures and cabinets
  • IOT & M2M solutions and wireless systems
  • Remote maintenance and supervision




turnkey solution Fuji Electric

turnkey solution

Automation specialists, electrical engineers, computer specialists and cable specialists, we design and carry out all the services for you:

  • Study
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • System programming
  • Electrical cabinets and boxes



global industrial solutions


Project management

Project management

We work together to develop a solution tailored to your needs, from design to delivery of the instruments.


  • Pre-feasibility study: Analysis of your needs
  • Proof of concept: Creation of the project model
  • Development in "AGILE" mode:
             Development in collaboration between you and our multidisciplinary teams.
             Your needs are at the centre of the project's priorities
  • Commissioning of the solution on site
  • Assistance and reactive support to answer your requests


SIngle contact
SIngle contact

Interact with a single point of contact who takes overall responsibility for the project to ensure its full monitoring and management.




Programming and software development (PLC, HMI, PC)

In industrial process management, PLCs and HMI (Human Machine Interface) are widely used.
The Solutions team brings you its skills to carry out your process automation while taking into account your environment:

Programming and software development

  • Link with the site's IT system
  • Data exchange: ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) & MES ( Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Automatic edition of your reports
  • Traceability
  • Production follow-up
  • Data analysis

Your benefits

  • Customised solution using industry standards
  • System durability
  • Remote monitoring to ensure proper operation


  •   Industrial processes,
  •   Heat treatment furnace,
  •   Autoclaves,
  •   Climatic chambers,
  •   Sterilizers




Modernization and design of temperature control systems for machine manufacturers

We make you benefit from all our experience in order to bring you fully integrated solutions adapted to your business.
We bring complete solutions to realize your automation, your control systems and your user interfaces.
We define and implement the automation and electrical architecture of your machine.
We program the temperature controllers, the PLC and the human interface machine.

Remote maintenance and supervision applications area

OPTIMIZATION of your machines
MODERNIZATION of your machines
IMPROVEMENT of your machines 



Your advantages

  •     Easy to use thanks to an intuitive and ergonomic interface
  •     Accuracy of the regulation
  •     Optimization of the energy used
  •     Improved productivity
  •     Easy maintenance 


  • Painting cabinets,
  • Bakery ovens,
  • Packaging and wrapping machines,
  • Packaging machines, sealing machines, bagging machines,
  • Boilers
  • Heating systems
  • Energy management system


Design and construction of enclosures and cabinets

Control cabinets


Control cabinets

The Solutions Department designs and creates customised control cabinets to suit your needs:

  • Study
  • Design
  • 3D drawings and documentation support
  • Manufacturing in compliance with current standards
  • Programming of controllers and optimisation of settings: precision, speed and efficiency.

Your benefits:

  •     Optimised control
  •     Energy saving
  •     System durability



  • Boilers
  • Heating temperature control systems
  • Heat interface units (HIUs)
  • Energy management system

armoire analyse de gaz fuji electric solutionAnalyser systems integration

To carry out an efficient gas analysis, a complete solution is required.
Opt for a tailor-made turnkey solution to meet your daily challenges:

  •     Pre-study of project feasibility
  •     Development of the appropriate solution in collaboration to combine your process knowledge with our instrumentation experience
  •     Verification of system compliance by your experts on site or remotely
  •     Delivery and commissioning of the complete gas analysis system on site by our team


Your benefits:

  •     Customised design
  •     Comprehensive service and expertise
  •     Speed of execution
  •     Reliability and accuracy of measurements
  •     Quality and regulatory compliance




IOT & M2M solutions and wireless systemsIOT & M2M solutions and wireless systems

Thanks to connected solutions (IoT solutions: Internet of Things) and sets of wired or wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies,
we offer you a tailor-made, fully automated solution for remote information feedback and remote maintenance.

Your benefits:

  •     Tailor-made, sustainable and scalable solution based on current technological standards that guarantees your investment for the future
  •     Optimisation of your resources
  •     Remote management to guarantee the operation of your systems
  •     Real-time response for improved responsiveness



Remote maintenance and supervision

Concerned about the growing need for telecommunication, we offer you adapted remote management solutions based on a proven hardware and software package.


Remote maintenance and supervision

Our automatic remote management system adapts to your needs:

  • Large local storage for processing large amounts of data
  • Management of your processes via a web interface
  • Cycle management
  • Traceability
  • Recording and archiving of measurements
  • Visualization of recordings and history on PC
  • Fault and failure management



Remote maintenance and supervision your benefitsYour benefits:

  • Remote control
  • Sending alerts
  • Adaptability