Product warranty

Thank you for purchasing Fuji Electric measuring instruments. It is our ambition to exceed expectations in quality and reliability with each and every one of our products. Firmly rooted in technical expertise and innovation, we take unparalleled care during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure flawless results.

Fuji Electric product warranty

Fuji Electric's product warranty is an additional assurance for our customers, underlining our commitment to providing high-quality, long-lasting solutions.


If, despite our rigorous manufacturing standards, a product should prove defective, we will repair or replace it under our warranty. Customer service remains our top priority, and we do our utmost to respond quickly and efficiently.

The trust placed in us by our customers and partners illustrates the excellence of Fuji Electric's expertise as a leader in the measuring instruments sector. When you choose our solutions, you are assured of a reliable and professional service, which also echoes our commitment to global sustainability.

The following information covers the warranties on our measuring instruments.

Scope of warranty

Scope of warranty

Our products are manufactured in France or in Fuji Electric group factories under a rigorous quality control system.

In all cases where our products(pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, temperature control device, gas analyser, radiation protection equipment, variable speed drive) failed under proper operating conditions within the warranty period, we will repair the product or deliver an alternate product without charge.

Please refer to the separate terms of warranties for the detailed scope of warranties of each product.

Please note that the warranty mentioned here means the warranty for the individual product, and does not include any damage resulting from a fault in our product (damages and loss incurred to products other than our products, lost profits, lost business opportunities, transportation costs, construction costs, etc.).


In a case in which a customer concluded special agreements with us, the conditions of warranties are applied based on such agreements.

Warranty period

Warranty period

The period of warranty shall start from the date of purchase of the product and shall cover a period of either one (1) year starting from the commissioning or for 18 months following delivery.
(In the case that the date of purchase of the product is unknown, the period of warranty shall start from the month of manufacturing of the product and shall cover a period of one (1) year.)


  • For particular measuring instruments subject to verification, the period of warranty shall start from the month of passing the inspection and shall cover a period of one (1) year.
  • Please note that the "valid period" indicated by the Measurement Act only limits the duration of use and is not the period of product warranty.
  • Some of our products carry different warranty periods. (Example: three (3) years for temperature controllers)
  • Please check the warranty period before purchasing a product.
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