Maintenance contract

At Fuji Electric, our maintenance contract for gas analysers and measuring instruments ensures optimum, long-lasting performance of your atmospheric emission gas analysis systems and industrial processes. Our company employs a high level of technical expertise. We have specialized technicians who make one or two annual visits. During these visits, they carry out several maintenance operations. For example, they calibrate and replace any consumables required. They also identify solutions to improve results. They also take care of equipment reconditioning.

Guaranteeing industrial performance with a maintenance contract

Our technicians are trained and qualified to provide maintenance services on measuring instruments and gas analysis systems.

Our team of specialized technicians demonstrate a high level of technical expertise. They carry out one or two in-depth maintenance visits a year to keep your equipment running smoothly.

During these visits, several maintenance operations are carried out. This includes precise calibration of your equipment to ensure accurate measurements. In addition, a judicious replacement of all necessary consumables is carried out to preserve the durability of your equipment.

Our technicians don't just maintain the status quo. They identify and implement innovative solutions to improve your system's performance. What's more, they ensure rigorous refurbishment of your equipment to optimize its reliability and longevity.

At Fuji Electric, we don't just sell products. Our comprehensive, tailor-made solutions aim to solve your most complex technical challenges, always with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

 Guarantee the availability of your equipment and avoid production stoppages

Our maintenance contracts offer you many advantages:

  • Obtain a constant performance of your instruments and your gas analysis system
  • Ensure the regulatory continuity of your installation
  • Manage maintenance costs
  • Ensure compliance with quality requirements with a documentary follow-up
  • Guarantee the availability of your equipment and avoid production stoppages
  • Extend the life of your equipment with preventive maintenance operations

Choose peace of mind by entrusting the maintenance of your analysers to Fuji Electric, the industry leader in electrical equipment focused on innovation and sustainable development.

Maintenance contract for gas analysis systems

Our expertise in the design of gas analysis systems and gas analysers cabinets will ensure that your investment runs reliably throughout the entire operational cycle.

We offer various maintenance contracts for gas analysers adapted to your needs:

Maintenance services (P2)

Maintenance services (P2)

These visits will ensure the maintenance necessary to keep the equipment constituting the system of analysis of the gases of rejection in good condition. Our technicians provide one or two visits per year depending on the contract chosen.

During these visits, our technicians :

  • Carry out maintenance operations and replace consumables (gaskets, filters, etc.) that need to be changed.
  • Make suggestions to ensure the repair or replacement of materials that are essential for proper operation.
  • Look for solutions to improve the results obtained.
  • Provide a report after each visit.

Assistance service QAL2/AST

Our technicians carry out the operational tests with the inspection body.
They compare the SRM (Standard Reference Method) measurements with those of the AMS (Automatic Measurement System of the provider) to verify the correctness of the measurements.

Breakdown services (P2d)

Our technicians locate the causes of anomalies and remove them, or, failing that, take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the operation of your system.
On call to 04 73 98 65 44, our technicians are on hand to troubleshoot your equipment from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday. With the P2d repair option, we intervene within 72 hours of receiving your request.
The number of interventions under the P2d option is limited to a maximum of 2 per year.

Monthly (P2m) or quarterly (P2t) preventive maintenance services

These visits allow us to ensure the monthly (P2m) or quarterly (P2t) maintenance and preventive maintenance of the installation necessary to maintain the materials constituting the system of analysis of the waste gases. Our technicians provide a monthly (P2m) or quarterly (P2t) visit for verification and maintenance in addition to the annual maintenance visits.

Monthly (P2m) or quarterly (P2t) preventive maintenance services

Trust Fuji Electric and choose the maintenance contract that's right for you!