Factory Acceptance Test

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On-site Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT )


What are the Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT )?On-site Factory Acceptance Test

In order to verify the proper functioning of the equipment and the compliance of the products and the compliance of the systems with the technical specifications, we offer our customers the Factory Acceptance Test in our premises.
Factory Acceptance Test ensures that the measuring instruments and systems that we build meet all contractual specifications.

This important step in your project process demonstrates that the system design and manufacturing is in line with the technical requirements and specifications of the client.


Where does the Factory Acceptance Test
take place?

These tests take place in our Clermont-Ferrand (France) factory or in the Cournon d’Auvergne (France) factory.


What type of tests are included in the
Factory Acceptance Test?

A testing protocol is pre-determined: this protocol includes planning for factory recipe testing, documentation and testing.
The factory acceptance test allows you to check the smooth operation of the entire system or products by carrying out various checks.
These various tests include sensor tests, actuator tests, PLC test, touch panel tests, gas analyzer tests, connectivity tests, input and output tests, control loop tests, communication interface tests, alarm tests, and software testing.

For measuring instruments and gas analyzers, a calibration of the devices is perform to confirm the details in accordance with the technical specifications of the instruments.


Who participate to the Factory Acceptance Test?

Our quality service and our project managers accompany you throughout the processing of the Factory Acceptance Test in the factory.
We welcome our clients, engineering firms, equipment integrators, inspection bodies, notified bodies during these inspections and make the test equipment available to them.
The reference documents (manufacturing plans, technical specifications, technical manuals, reference codes, fluid diagrams, calibration certificates, material certificates) are available.


Who participate to the Factory Acceptance Test

What are the benefits of the Factory Acceptance Test?

  •  The Factory Acceptance Test ensures that the products, the system and the solutions delivered are compliant.
  •  These tests solve functional problems before they are delivered to the customer's site.
  •  Any manufacturing defects can be corrected at the plant.
  •  Factory Acceptance Test is a cost-effective and efficient solution to ensure that projects are deployed within the time frame and your budget.


Remote Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT )


Remote Factory Acceptance Test  download the solution sheetOnsite Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are not possible due to COVID 19
pandemic travel restrictions, a short timeline or other reasons.

Remote FAT Professionnal Onlive Solution

Fuji Electric presents the solution for this critical issue tailored to the customer’s needs – Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). To make sure our customers reach their business goals we offer the Remote FAT at our manufacturing sites. With Remote FAT there is no need to be personally present at the factory. Instead, our customers can see the gas analysers cabinet and the system integration tests live in action through various secure collaborative tools.


Benefits of Remote Factory Acceptance Test:

  •  On-time FAT completion
  •  Multiple participation from end-user, inspectors, system integrators, notified bodies.
  •  Save travel costs & resources
  •  Increase staff presence
  •  Remote FAT can be recorded for later use

Benefits of Remote Factory Acceptance Test


What is a Remote FAT?

What is a Remote FAT

  1.  This is a new way of FAT where the customer does not need
              to travel to see the system run.
  2.  With Remote FAT the client can sit and watch the system integration,
             dialogue important topics with our project manager as well
             as view the gas analyser cabinet running live.
  3.  Before the Remote FAT we send the digital visitor program
              with all login details to join the Remote FAT.
  4.  Our specialized team will be always present during the live broadcast of the Remote FAT.


What can I see during the Remote Factory Acceptance Test

What can I see during the Remote Factory Acceptance Test?

We use multiple cameras angles to stream the best possible view of the gas analyser cabinet. Typically, one is placed to get an overall view over the entire room. Another camera is placed in front of the gas analyser cabinet to see specific details. Another portable camera allows to be flexible and to be move according to your needs for detailed views. You can visualize the hardware and run through the software testing, to see the graphics interface as well the functional logic. We share with you the electronic documentation to check the progress and the deviation. The remote FAT documents can be signed digitally.


How is the data security handled?

We use secure collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.

We have successfully conducted many Remote FATs. The whole experience was very well received by our customers as they could witness the FAT without spending on travelling and could complete the FAT milestone on time.


What are the specific requirements for the online meeting?

There is no need to download any software or create any kind of account. The meeting can simply be joined with a link which we will send.
The only requirement is to have a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone with good internet connection, a microphone and speaker. Use of a headset may give better results than using a speaker.


 Is Remote FAT effective?

We promise the same experience in Remote FAT as that of Onsite FAT:
Gas analyser cabinet lives in action and the best support from our experts and project managers.


Can I get a replay of the Remote FAT

Can I get a replay of the Remote FAT ?

If requested, we can record the complete Remote FAT.
The film can be sent after the FAT is completed by a file transfer application.


Is Remote Factory Acceptance Test
an effective solution ?

The Remote Factory Acceptance Test is an effective solution where
we can collaborate with our customer to solve their challenges:

  • You stay on time and track with your project.
  • You save on travel costs, eliminates lost travel time.
  • You allow more of your experienced team members to participate and talk with our experts in LIVE.
  • You maximize the time that your employees have in your facility.




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