Commissioning of instruments

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Measuring instruments are essential for many industrial processes. Professional commissioning ensures that your instruments are perfectly configured and working optimally. It is an essential activity to avoid costly downtime and to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

experts in configuring and setting up your instrumentsOur experienced team of professionals are experts in configuring and setting up your instruments and will commission your instruments quickly and efficiently, so that you can concentrate on your core business.


We optimise the configuration of your instrument for long-term reliable and compliant measurements. Our qualified service technicians use their experience to set up the perfect configuration. They will also ensure that you can rely on it, regardless of the sector or type of production process involved!


We'll do everything we can to make sure that the installation, testing and setup of the instruments is perfect for you. We'll even help you get them working exactly the way YOU want! We also have experience in commissioning these instruments so that they can be brought online as quickly as possible!  With over 50% time saved in commissioning by Fuji Electric's instrumentation experts, you can quickly and easily install your new measuring instruments and guarantee their performance.

Why commission your measuring instruments?

Less time and less workloadLess time and less workload

You can save time, labour and effort by hiring our qualified technicians to assist you on site during commissioning.
They will reduce the workload on your staff so they can focus their attention elsewhere while we take care of all the necessary set-up before the handover! All this without any unexpected costs!

Better control of risksBetter control of risks

We work with you to ensure that your measurements and controls are set up correctly from the start, reducing downstream problems.
Proper validation of the measuring equipment starts with ensuring that it is the right size for each specific application, as well as training on how best to use it in tandem with other systems or processes already installed on a factory floor - that way there will be no delays due to unforeseen circumstances during production!

A guarantee of quality and conformityA guarantee of quality and conformity

We are the ultimate solution for your commissioning needs. Our services ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and help you maintain the functionality of the devices over time. We can provide you with compliance reports for each device that document its functionality as well as its performance. We are not only committed during our commissioning, but also after we leave!


Why commission your measuring instruments

How do our instrument technicians help you commission your instruments?

How do our instrument technicians help you commission your instrumentsInstrumentation and automation solutions, commissioning of your instruments. We help you get off to a good start with comprehensive support that guarantees long-term success!

To ensure a successful start, you need to be able to rely on the timeliness and availability of key skills.

You also need to be able to get detailed reports on the commissioning of all measuring instruments for your application.

Our technicians create a plan to ensure the success of your application with our measuring instruments.
They set up the right infrastructure, ensure accurate commissioning data during the start-up phase with detailed reports that cover all aspects of operation - from instrument-specific information to final configuration backups.


What are the benefits of commissioning measuring instruments?

  1. Save time and money while ensuring the reliability of your measurement system from start to finish with qualified experts
  2. Confirm that your projects are on schedule by having our technicians monitor commissioning times
  3. Ensure accuracy and conformity of instruments with optimal configuration of measuring devices
  4. Optimise performance and functionality by obtaining detailed reports for each instrument during the commissioning process
  5. Ensure a successful start-up with the right instrumentation and automation solutions
  6. Minimise functionality and safety risks by ensuring compliance with health, safety, environmental and quality standards with thorough inspection by our technicians
  7. Achieve long-term performance with the support of Fuji Electric technicians throughout the life cycle of your instruments


What is our proposal for commissioning?

What is our proposal for commissioningDuring the instrument commissioning process, we ensure that your instruments are configured for optimal operation of your process and that you can start your installation with peace of mind.

This includes:

ontact us today for a consultation on commissioning your new industrial measuring instruments!Contact us today for a consultation on commissioning your new industrial measuring instruments!