Industrial Co-Engineering

We work with you and our various experts to design and improve your industrial processes. Our approach combines technical, economic and human knowledge to optimize your production and ensure your industrial competitiveness through industrial co-engineering.

Industrial Engineering Center

At Fuji Electric, we work with you to build tomorrow's instrumentation solutions.
We are committed to creating value alongside you.
We innovate by developing effective measurement solutions to solve the challenges of our customers and participate in the growth of their businesses.

we innovate by developing high-performance measurement solutions
Research and development center

Research and development center

The products on the market do not meet your constraints and are you looking for a partner who can help and advise you in the development?
Our engineering department works with you to develop reliable measurement solutions for your most extreme processes.

Our know-how and our long experience ensure that our instruments meet your expectations.



Our engineers support you in defining the specifications.
They work with you to develop and design the mechanical and electrical design of your measuring instruments from functional analysis.

Using high-tech development tools, we create instruments with significant performance advantages over existing methods.

Project management

Project management

Our experts coordinate development and manufacturing actions with you. A single point of contact supports you from design to delivery of the instruments.
We provide manufacturing plans, reports, test certificates, installation and commissioning manuals.

Our rigorous project management allows you to meet deadlines, guarantee quality and keep budgets. You save your time and reduce your costs.

Industrial production

Industrial production

We manufacture and test our instruments at our French plants in Clermont-Ferrand and Cournon-d'Auvergne (France).
Our efficient production tools and our complete mastery of the European logistics chain, we manufacture faster and at lower cost.

You get more efficient and better instruments.

Quality and compliance with industry standards


Factory test recipes (FAT) or Remote Factory Acceptance Test guarantees the performance you expect.

Our quality managers confirm and validate the results with test reports and precise measurements.

Your instruments comply with the strictest control standards.

Let's build tomorrow's instrumentation solutions together!