Instruments repair

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Instruments repair


Instruments repair

Our team of experienced technicians
provides fast and efficient repair of your
measuring instruments in compliance with
quality standards for a healthy instrumentation.

  • Close proximity
  • Rapidity
  • Availability
  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Extended life cycle
  • Return my device for repair or service




ProximityClose Proximity

Benefit from the expertise of our qualified global service network.
We guarantee you a local presence for the maintenance of your measuring instruments.
On site or in the workshop, we are at your disposal to identify malfunctions and carry out repairs.



Our experts assess your instruments upon receipt in the workshop.
At Fuji Electric we know your time is precious.
Our priority is to minimize your production downtimes and giving you a rapid response.



Field instruments are stressed and their importance is critical to the operation of your manufacturing processes.
Spare parts are immediately available in our workshops to ensure the durability of your equipment throughout its life cycle.
We thus optimize the availability of your equipment.



Once the in-depth issus analysis has been carried out, we will send you a precise technical report indicating the origin of the malfunction.
We thus help you identify the causes of malfunctions, solve the problem and take corrective actions to ensure the operation of the instrument under the operating conditions of your application.



The instruments are appraised and then repaired according to the highest quality standards.
We perform rigorous testing and verify metrological performance and accuracy to ensure reliable repairs.
We provide the calibration certificates that guarantees that your instruments perform as well as day one.


Extended life cycleExtended life cycle

Thanks to the repair service, you extend the life cycle of your Fuji Electric instruments.
We give you service recommendations for your installed base.
Thanks to this information, you reduce your maintenance costs, avoid the risks of obsolescence and reduce the costs associated with production downtimes.



Return my device for repair or serviceReturn my device for repair or service