Instruments training

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Technical training on Fuji Electric instruments

Certified training on-site or at your premises


Certified training
on-site or at your premises

Fuji Electric engineers share their know-how
about instrumentation and measurement products
with customers during a tailor-made training session.



  • Take a training course on how to configure and use fuji electric devicesYour staff is trained on the configuration and optimum
             use of our equipment to ensure the best
             possible operation of your installation.

  • Trainings are aimed at all users level
             (operators, service technicians, engineers).
             We define your needs and create the training content together.

  • Training can be at Fuji Electric France
             (France - Clermont-Ferrand head office or Paris sales office)
             or at your premises.


What are the available training courses ?


Pressure, flow and level transmitter

Ultrasonic flow meter

  • Pressure transmitters

- Introduction to Fuji Electric Pressure transmitters
- Measurement principles (pressure, level and flow applications)
- Types of pressure transmitters
- Specific design for remote seals
- Options and accessories
- Transmitters installation and commissioning
   according to different application conditions

  • Programming and settings adjustments

- External screw
- Digital indicator
- Hand-held communicator
- Hart Explorer

  • Level, flow and density measurement applications
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Introduction to Fuji Electric ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Working principle
  • Installation conditions
  • Installation and wiring
  • Electronic converter setup
  • Calibration and verification on site
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Gas Analyser

Temperature Controller

  • Introduction to Fuji Electric gas analysers
  • Atmospheric Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)
  • Multigas extractive infrared analyzers
  • Laser in-situ analyzers
  • Biogas analyzer & Biogas system
  • Combustion control analyzers
  • Working principle
  • Installation
  • Configuration, programming and commissioning
  • Calibration and verification on site
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Fuji Electric controllers
  • PXF series
  • PXH series
  • PUM series
  • PSC series
  • Choose the most suitable controller for your application
  • PID control
  • Configuration, programming, commissioning and optimal use
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Human Interface Machine (HMI)

  • Introduction to Fuji Electric HMI
  • App design with VSFT programming software
  • Optimal use of TELLUS & VSERVER monitoring software

*The training content detailed above is an example. It is not contractual. The final content is defined between Fuji Electric and the customer.


How to register for a training course ?

To register for training programs, contact your sales manager or request a quote below.