Analyser systems integration

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Analyser systems integration


Turnkey gas analysis solutionsTurnkey gas analysis solutions

What is a gas analyser systemWhat is a gas analyser system?

A gas analyser system is much more than a gas analyser.
Indeed, the gas analyser in the gas analyser system
is like the eyes in the human body.
And eyes need blood from a heart, nerves linked to a brain …
As well, to operate a performant gas analysis,
the gas analyser requires a complete gas analysis solution.

So the complete solution will integrate following sub-systems and items:

  • Gas extraction: sample probe, often heated, with filtration
  • Gas transfer: heated sample line and pump
  • Gas conditioning system gas cooler, filters, flowmeters, scrubbers
  • Gas analyser: analyzing one or several gas components (CO, CO2, NO, H2, CH4…) using one or several analytical technologies.
     See Gas analysis and learn much more about gas analyser.
  • PLC, software, interface : the “gas analyser system brain”



You need a gas compositionYou need a gas composition ?
We design and manufacture the tool to define it precisely: the turnkey gas analysis solution.



Tailored design

  • How to measure hydrogen, oxygen or carbon monoxide for instance in my process gas?
  • What are the process and environment data to define first?
  • Can Fuji Electric gas analyser measure this component?

Taylored designThese are daily questions that need to be answered before designing the tailored tool for your industrial process.

And the answers form the skeleton of the gas analytical solution we design specifically for your need.

You need to define a gas composition or at least one or numerous components concentrations requires a tool: this is the gas analyser system hardware.

But this tool is to be used by operators. Then comes the overriding importance of the interface.

Our engineers not only design the analytical solution adapted to your need, but also its brain.
This is the PLC and/or software that makes easy, safe, and pleasant to operate the turnkey gas analyser system.


It is the controller and / or the software that makes the gas analysis system turnkey:

  • Easy
  • Secured
  • User-friendly, pleasant to use

capacities for systems design and examples of solutionsSee the Fuji Electric France Solution for more details
on our general capacities for systems design and examples of solutions.



Overall service and total expertiseOverall service
and total expertise

The analyser system adapted to the process
conditions and environment is the tool.

  • But we offer more than a tool.


We share with you a turnkey project that requires:

phase 1 pre-study and feasibilityPre-study and feasibility
Our sales engineers and gas analyser experts do that every day.


phase 2 designDesign
After the pre-study, the design engineers join in the dance.
Rom then, the project engineer has global responsibility and becomes your key contact.

phase 3 communicationCommunication
This way, we communicate smoothly.

                                    We share your process knowledge and our instruments experience with a common goal :
                                    Delivering the ideal solution as developed during the pre-study phase.
                                    Factory Acceptance Test is then the opportunity for your engineers to join the last tests, either in our Factory,
                                    or remotely via our Remote FAT Professional Onlive Solution.

See our Factory Acceptance testSee our Factory Acceptance test and see how our customers do benefit
either On-site FAT or our Remote FAT Professional Onlive Solution.


phase 4 Delivery and commissioningDelivery and commissioning
We take the best care of packing and delivery with highly trusted forwarders since 20 years+.
And our service engineers will commission the complete gas analysis system on your industrial process site.


phase 5 Getting started with your analysis systemGetting started with your analysis system
The turnkey analytical system is now operating, and your process is running, optimized.


phase 6 Maintenance and technical supportMaintenance and technical support
And to make this last for long, the same service engineers will keep on providing the highest skilled and reactive maintenance service for years and years.

See our On site service and maintenanceSee our On site service and maintenance
for more details on Fuji Electric on site service.



fuji electric world leader expert local full service provider


In short, Fuji Electric is :

  • A world leader as gas analyser manufacturer
  • An expert for complete analytical hardware and software solutions design
  • A local full service provider


Much more than ordering a gas analyser, you benefit from our team of multidisciplinary experts that ensures a smooth and global professional control of the whole turnkey project.




Timeliness of projectsTimeliness of projects

  • What is the delivery time for a gas analyser system?

This depends on a number of parameters, such as:

  1. How long the pre-study will take,
  2. How complex the analytical solution is, generating shorter or longer design and assembling phases,
  3. The type of gas analyser involved as the complexity of its technology can have an impact on its manufacturing time.


Usually, our complete analytical systems are ready between 10 and 16 weeks after the order or the kick-off meeting when required.
But most important: the plan is the plan, for you and for us.

The scheduled timing is part of Fuji Electric DNAThe scheduled timing is part of Fuji Electric DNA
so that the turnkey project is time controlled all along its process.



Precision and reliability

Precision and reliability

  • What is the accuracy of the gas analyser?

Such question is also very often asked
and typically does not see a direct answer.


Because here again, there are lots of parameters to consider, such as :

  1. The gas mixture we are analyzing (one will talk about matrix effect)
  2. The environmental conditions (temperature, vibrations, electromagnetic interferences …)
  3. The quality of power supply

conservation of our natural heritageLet's take an example:

One good example of measurement accuracy definition is the one for a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) in Europe.
Such systems are nowadays extremely critical for our global environment sustainability. And their performance is controlled through a very severe quality process.

The first quality process level is called Quality Assurance Level 1 (QAL1).
It is the result of a long and complex laboratory and field tests protocol.

These tests are performed by the German institute TÜV .

After usually 1,5 years test and measurements collections, the CEMS is QAL1 certified.
Each component measured is affected with the uncertainty defined through this process.




more details  about how Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems are to be selected and operatedRead more details about how Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems are to be
selected and operated through the guide written by Fuji Electric, other manufacturers and our customers

With Fuji Electric analysis systems, your process is controlled precisely.
The measurement accuracy is guaranteed, so that the process performance and security are also guaranteed.



Quality & regulatory complianceQuality & regulatory compliance

What is quality? An overused word for sure.
But for sure also this strange substance flows into all Fuji Electric worker's veins.
Is “Japanese Quality” transpiring here? Surely.

But further, Fuji Electric France benefits to 25 years of experience offering to our valuate customers the highest reliability products for the most demanding markets.
These are environment and energy, including extremely deep subsea oil & gas, as well as nuclear severe applications.

With Fuji Electric gas analytical solutions, you benefit from this highest level of design, manufacturing, testing, and also service quality.
Your gas analyser system is designed and manufactured in our Clermont-Ferrand (France) technical center.


And it is compliant to such regulatory requirements:

  1. CE mark (EU Declaration of Conformity) is guaranteed with all our analysis systems
  2. QAL1 environmental compliance certification

You are in contact with the engineers who are directly in charge of and driving certification projectsYou are in contact with the engineers who are directly in charge of and driving
these certification projects from Fuji Electric France technical center in Clermont-Ferrand (France).