Ultrasonic Flowmeter for liquid Time Delta-C

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The Fuji Electric FSV ultrasonic flowmeter is the latest generation of high performance ultrasonic liquid flowmeters using transit time technology.
It is particularly effective in applications where high accuracy is required and the flowmeter must be installed without stopping the process. It is the perfect option for measuring relatively clean and homogeneous liquid flows in closed and filled pipes.

Benefits of the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter FSVBenefits of the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter FSV

  •     Easy installation without cutting the pipe
  •     No interruption of the manufacturing process
  •     Low maintenance costs, no moving parts
  •     Low pressure and temperature influence

Tecnical Features

  • High accuracy: ±1,0% of rate
  • Quick response time : 0.2 sec.
  • Compact : 142 x 170 mm
  • IP66 ou IP67 (option)
  • Output signal : 4-20 mA, pulse output, alarm output
  • Communication : RS485 MODBUS™ option

What-is-the-principle-of-the-ultrasonic-liquid-flow-meter-FSVWhat is the principle of the ultrasonic liquid flow meter FSV ?

Ultrasonic flowmeters operate on the transit time principle.
These flowmeters work by comparing the travel time of an ultrasonic signal in counterflow (upstream) and the travel time of an ultrasonic signal with flow (downstream).
The difference between these transit times is proportional to the flow rate, and the flowmeter converts this information into flow rate and total.

How does the FSV ultrasonic liquid flow meter workHow does the FSV ultrasonic liquid flow meter work?

The FSV flow meter uses clamp-on sensors.
These sensors attach to the outside of pipes and can be used on pipes from 13 to 6000 mm (0.5 to 235 inches) at liquid temperatures from -40 to 200°C (-40 to 390°F).
The required pipe system layout is a straight run of 10x and 5x pipe diameters upstream and downstream respectively.
The transducers are mounted outside the pipe, which is a superior method to insertion flow meters and other more traditional and invasive types of flow measurement instruments.
This product is virtually maintenance free.

This product is virtually maintenance free.

What are the advantages of the ultrasonic liquid flow meter FSV ?

Advanced digital signal processing and anti-bubble technology

Advanced digital signal processing technology allows the FSV to offer a compact, lightweight solution with accuracies better than ±1% of flow, with minimal influence of pressure or temperature of the fluid being measured.
In addition, it offers best-in-class anti-bubble performance, allowing accurate readings even when air bubble content reaches 12% of volume at a velocity of 0.3m/s.
Its rugged construction makes it ideal for installation in indoor and outdoor environments where IP66 (NEMA 4X) protection is required.


Wide choice of measurement outputs

The flowmeter has three measurement outputs that can be selected to display flow (volume or mass) and total flow.
Various output options, such as 4-20 mA, transistors and RS485 (Modbus) are available for configurable alarm thresholds.

Simple-and-intuitive-operator-interfaceSimple and intuitive operator interface

The FSV ultrasonic flowmeter is a compact meter with a choice of reading displays.
Configuration is simple and intuitive using push buttons on the front panel.
It can be configured to automatically calibrate the flow sensor and transmit data via RS485 (Modbus) over distances of up to 350m.
A display and integrated keypad allow the user to configure and view all parameters. The internal menus are available in several languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Japanese).
The flow meter includes a sensor spacing calculation tool.

PC software configuration

PC-software-configurationThe flowmeter can also be configured using PC compatible software supplied free with each converter and a charging cable.

The software allows :

  •         Configuration of internal parameters
  •         Saving and loading of configuration parameters
  •         Commissioning assistance (logging, oscilloscope mode, maintenance functions etc.) 

What are the applications of the ultrasonic liquid flow meter FSVWhat are the applications of the ultrasonic liquid flow meter FSV ?

The ultrasonic flowmeter Time Delta-C model FSV consists of a sensor that can be mounted on the pipe (DN 13 to 6000 mm depending on the sensor) and a remotely mounted digital converter.
The flow velocity can be bidirectional and vary from -32 to +32 m/s. FSV flowmeters are well suited to relatively clean fluids with low to moderate aeration.
Non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters are used in many industrial applications :

  •     Food and beverage
  •     Water and wastewater
  •     Agriculture and irrigation
  •     Water management in buildings for energy savings
  •     Commissioning and maintenance of buildings (hotels, hospitals, etc.)
  •     Water parks, swimming pools and aquariums
  •     Semi-conductor industries


FluidsUniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can propagate (deionized water, cooling water, chemical solution, tap water, etc.)
Measurement principleTransit time propagation time difference method – 1 path
Fluid temperature-40°C to 200℃ (depends on detector)
Applicable pipesDetectorInner diameterMaterials
FSSA (V method)sensor-fssa25–225 mmPlastic (PVC, etc.) Note 1
Metal (SS, steel, copper, aluminum etc.)
FSSC (V method)sensor-fssc50–600 mm
FSSC (Z method)sensor-fssc600–1200 mm
FSSD (V method)sensor-fssd13-100 mm
FSSE (V or Z method)sensor-fsse200-6000 mm
FSSH (V or Z method)sensor-fssh50-400 mm

Note 1 FSSC for the following pipes::

  • PP pipe with a thickness of 15 mm or more
  • PVDF pipe with a thickness of 9 mm or more
  • Metal pipes with coating, pipes rusting inside, pipes lined with coal tar epoxy, Teflon, mortar, or rubber, or other pipes through which the ultrasonic wave is hard to pass
Range0 to ±0.3             ±32 m/s
Accuracy±1,0% of rate (when flow velocity is ≥2 m/s)
Response time0.2 secondes (Quick mode response)
Ambient temperature-20°C to +55°C (transmitter)
-20°C to +60°C    80°C (depends on detector)
Analog output 4–20 mA CC, 1 point (maximum load resistence.: 600Ω)
Contact output Open collector: 2 points
Total, alarm, etc.
Total pulse output: 1 P/day to 100 P/s (open collector)
Serial communicationRS-485 (MODBUS) (option)
DisplayLCD with back light, 2-lines 16-digits
Keypad4 keys (ESC, up, shift, enter), Operation on panel (IP66 enclosure version)
Power supply voltage 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, or 20–30 V DC
Transmitter enclosureAluminum alloy, IP66 or IP67
Transmitter mountingWall mounted or pipe mounted
Transmitter dimensions  (mm) H170 x W142 x D70 (version IP66)
H220 x W230 x D95 (version IP67)


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