Retractable liquid level transmitter

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The retractable level transmitter measures the liquid level in tanks and containers in the sugar, paper and chemical industries. The integrated ball valve allows easy removal and maintenance.


Benefits of the retractable liquid level sensor with ball valve

The FKP gauge pressure transmitters and FKD differential pressure transmitters series of high-precision measure the liquid level accurately and transmit a proportional 4-20 mA electrical output signal.
The level sensor with integrated ball valve is available in a version with flanged. The hydrostatic level sensor can be removed under load.
These transmitters offers a unique design for outstanding measuring performance in terms of accuracy and stability.

  •     Ensure accurate level measurement
  •     Increase your productivity with optimized production times
  •     Improve the safety of your installation
  •     Reduce your production and maintenance costs


Technical advantages

  1.    Retractable under load without shutting down your installationsTechnical-advantages-of-the-retractable-liquid-level-sensor-with-ball-valve
  2.    Reliability and accuracy of measurements
  3.    Easy calibration and maintenance
  4.    Cleaning and calibration of the level sensor without emptying the tank
  5.    Integrated linearization function programmable with local digital display
  6.    Flush stainless steel diaphragm resistant to abrasion, aggression and clogging
  7.    Made-in-France: short delivery time and high quality

What-is-the-principle-of-the-retractable-liquid-level-sensorWhat is the principle of the retractable
liquid level sensor ?

The liquid level sensor is based on the technology of hydrostatic level measurement by relative pressure or by differential pressure.
It consists of a level transmitter and a ball valve, which makes it easy to dismantle.
The design of the diaphragm seal with flush diaphragm avoids the risk of clogging and reduces maintenance.

What are the advantages of the ball valve level sensor?

diaphragm-seal-pressure-and-level-transmitterFuji Electric's diaphragm seal pressure and level transmitter avoids interrupting the process and production downtime.
Thanks to its integrated ball valve assembly, it becomes possible to isolate, under load, the level sensor and the fluid measured on the process.
The level sensor can be removed without emptying the tank.

Thus, cleaning, maintenance, calibration of the sensor or replacement of the instrument can be carried out at any time without stopping the production process.
This unique combination consists of a flush diaphragm level sensor and a special ball valve.
It ensures accurate measurement while allowing the process to continue without loss of production, thus increasing equipment availability.


What are the fields of application of the retractable level sensors ?

retractable-liquid-level-transmitter-for-chemistryIn some industries, such as food processing (sugar mills, breweries...), chemistry, ship building, waste water and pulp and paper, the industrial process requires storage tanks to keep liquids or pressure tanks for manufacturing processes.

In order to optimize the processes and to follow the production costs, knowing the liquid level measurement contained in the tank or reservoir is an essential parameter to define the supply or discharge phases of the tank.
In these conditions, the liquid level measurement must be accurate and reliable.
In addition, the measured liquids can be aggressive, adhesive, crystallizing, corrosive or viscous.

retractable-liquid-level-transmitter-for-sugar-industryFlush diaphragm seal pressure transmitters are commonly used to measure the level in storage tanks.
The diaphragm brushes the surface of the tank to avoid clogging of the measured liquid.

To ensure accurate and reliable measurement, level sensors must be periodically removed for cleaning, inspection and calibration.
Traditionally, this maintenance represents a major inconvenience: the tanks must be taken out of service and their contents removed.
Checking the accuracy of one's level measurement instrument would therefore mean a production stoppage and associated financial losses.

Ball valve level probes are the ideal solution for those industries whose raw material or liquid storage tanks cannot be emptied.
These transmitters guarantee the accuracy of your level measurement without stopping production.



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