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Vibration monitoring

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Wireless vibration diagnostic system for rotating machinery

Predicting failures using vibrations


Efficient maintenance of machinery and equipment by failure sign monitoring system for rotating machines

Wireless vibration diagnostic system for rotating machineryWiserot is a wireless vibration diagnostic system for rotating machinery.
It provides vibration data monitoring through a wireless IIoT network.
Utilizing our unique expertise, Wiserot can constantly monitor the vibration of rotating machines operating on production lines and other important equipment, and detect signs of abnormality at an early stage. In addition to being able to prevent breakdowns of individual machines and equipment, our Wiserot system can also be used to formulate equipment replacement plans, leading to a reduction in costs due to production losses.

Your benefits

  1. Early detection of anomalies
  2. Reduced maintenance work and improved safety
  3. Elimination of noise from frequency inverters

By early detection of the unusual movement with trend monitoring after measuring the vibration of rotating machine operated as production line or critical equipment.



FeaturesFeatures vibration monitoring

  • Unique Q-values criteria for early detection of bearing defects to reduce downtime.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through low maintenance and safety measures
  • Our unique diagnostic technology reduces vibration noise from variable frequency drives

System features and functions

  • Battery-powered wireless sensor for easy installation in existing installations.
  • Measurements can be made in locations where wiring is difficult.
  • Trend monitoring by various vibration values (acceleration, velocity, displacement) is possible.



Vibration diagnostic process

Vibration diagnostic process

Introduction of the Wiserot fault prediction monitoring system

simple Diagnostic

  • Daily and periodic monitoring by the system
  • Trend monitoring using various vibration values (acceleration, speed, displacement)
  • Diagnosis using our own criteria values (Q-values)

Detailed diagnosis

  • Identification of abnormal trends
  • On-site precision diagnosis

Repairs and renewals of parts

  • Restoration work carried out
  • Diagnosis of deterioration and determination of remaining life
  • Renewal, replacement, improvement, etc.
Diagnostic target (Application scope: general rotating machine, Target RPM: 600 to 3600 min-1, Bearing diagnosis is rolling bearing)
Diagnostic item Measurement frequency Type of vibrationJudgment item Judgment standard
Rotating machine vibration  Low frequency
Velocity [mm / s]  Root-mean-square  Absolute evaluation based on vibration evaluation standard(ISO 10816-1) 
  Displacement [μm] Overall(O/A), 
Rotating speed element(n), electromagnetic element(2f) 
Relative evaluation 
Bearing vibration  High frequency
Acceleration  [G] Root-mean-square  Relative evaluation 
   Q value (bearing diagnosis evaluation value)Bearing absolute evaluation using Fuji original standard

* To meet various site conditions, the threshold can change by user side.

Wiserot Specification
Wireless specifications* 1specific low power wireless of 433 MHz band
communication distance is approx. 30 m (it may vary depending on the installation environment)
Measurement specifications Low frequency : 10 to 250 Hz, but measurement scope is over 1 μm
High frequency : 1 k to 10 kHz
option : sensor of rotating machine surface temperature is available
Dustproof / waterproof structureconform to IP53
Operating temperature  Main part : 0 to 60 degree C, sensor part : 0 to 100 degree C
Measurement cyclerecommend once per week or once per day
Battery lifetime
approx. 2 years by measuring once per day (practical reference value)
※ Uses special battery
Installation 1 – Screw fixing type (M6 screw hole is required on the rotating machine side)
2 – Magnet type
Pays correspondants UE, Inde, Singapour, Thaïlande, Malaisie, Indonésie, Taïwan, Chine.

* 1:  It is necessary that wireless frequency band comply with the communication standard of the country of use



Explosion-proof typeExplosion-proof type

Depending on the installation site, devices with explosion-proof construction are available.
Ex db II B + H2T4 Gb with explosion-proof pressure-resistant construction, applicable in a range of Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations.
The body is cast aluminum and the top cover is polycarbonate for wireless communication.

Explosion proof certification

  1. (1) IEC 60079-0/1/11
  2. (2) EN 60079-0/1/11
  3. (3) JINIOSH-TR-46-1, 2, 6: 2015

Explosion proof construction

  • Wireless sensor: Ex db [ia Ga] IIB + H2 T4 Gb
  • Transmitter/receiver: Ex db IIB + H2 T4 Gb




Depending on the installation location, can be used wired or wireless.
LAN type rotating machine failure sign monitoring system.


No need to replace the battery using the AC adapter
Can be used in combination with wireless depending on the location and installation situation

System configuration and specifications

Communication specifications10base-T / 100Base-TX, communication distance: 100m
Measurement specificationsLow frequency: 10-250Hz
High frequency: 1K to 10KHz
Dustproof / waterproof structureIP53 equivalent
Operating temperatureMain body: 0 to 60 °C, Sensor: 0 to 100 °C




service vibration monitoring

A solution service that provides maintenance, data analysis, threshold setting, etc. of the Wiserot rotating machinery failure sign monitoring system (wireless type, LAN type) on a 'monthly basis'.
The service includes installation of the vibration measurement and monitoring system, data collection and zero initial installation costs, thus contributing to the reduction of production loss costs.

Features of the service

Proper maintenance is possible by continuously monitoring the vibration tendency of rotating machinery equipment.

Periodic billing system with monthly service including:

  • Supply of vibration measuring equipment for rotating machines (including delivery, installation, and construction)
  • Delivery of the battery for the wireless vibration sensor (3 times after installation)
  • Free repair or replacement of the monitoring equipment in case of failure
  • Supply of vibration measuring equipment for rotating machines (including delivery, installation, and construction)
  • Delivery of battery packs for wireless vibration sensors (3 times after installation)
  • Free repair or replacement of the monitoring equipment in case of failure

Your advantage: Leveling of investment cash flows

Overview of services

Basic service (contract binding period: 4 years / 4 years after use, cancellation is possible without cancellation fee)
Vibration monitoring system equipment provided
(Including carry-in, installation, and construction services)
During the contract period, we will install and provide equipment used for measurement and monitoring.
Providing analysis and diagnosis softwareWe provide software for simple diagnosis and FFT analysis functions.
Free repair / replacement service If a device breaks down during the contract period, we will repair / replace it free of charge.
However, it is subject to the product warranty contents of the contract.
Replacement battery mailing serviceIn principle, we will provide a replacement battery every two years from the service provision.
However, if you replace the battery before 2 years due to the usage environment, you will be charged for the replacement battery after the 4th time.


Optional service
Regular reporting service
(Cloud type only)
In principle, we check the vibration information of the rotating machine to be monitored every 3 months and report the equipment status.
Rotating machine inspection and maintenance service
(Individual talk)
We will carry out maintenance by incorporating regular inspections of rotating machines into the monthly service.



Vibration monitoring documentation