Time Delta-C

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Ultrasonic flowmeter TIME DELTA-C

Easy installation without interrupting the process for cost saving

This clamp-on portable ultrasonic flowmeter consists of a detector clamped on the pipe  (DN13 to 6000 mm depending on detectors) and of a and of a digital converter mounted remotely. It can measure bi-directional flow speeds from -32 to +32 m/s.

FeaturesDébitmètres à Ultrasons en poste fixe TIME DELTA-C

  • High accuracy: ±1,0% of rate
  • Quick response time : 0.2 sec.
  • Compact : 142 x 170 mm
  • IP66 ou IP67 (option)
  • Output signal : 4-20 mA, pulse output, alarm output
  • Communication : RS485 MODBUS™ option

Its installation without piping work and interruption of the plant operation enables you to easily collect and analyse reliable and fast measurements in order to make your network sectorized analysis and to reveal high consumption areas.

  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Measurement data you can trust
  • Line balancing and efficiency optimization
  • Collect, analyse and optimize
  • Maximum flexibility and wide range of applications
  • Built to last in harsh industrial environments

Operation can be performed from the outside panel

A display and a built-in keypad allow the user to configure and view all parameters. Internal menus are available in several languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese).

PC software configuration

  • For the setting of internal parameters
  • Sauvegarde et chargement des paramètres de configuration,
  • Easy to use  (Recording, oscilloscope mode, maintenance functions etc.)
  • Supplied with each flow transmitter


FluidsUniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can propagate (deionized water, cooling water, chemical solution, tap water, etc.)
Measurement principleTransit time propagation time difference method – 1 path
Fluid temperature-40°C to 200℃ (depends on detector)
Applicable pipesDetectorInner diameterMaterials
FSSA (V method)25–225 mmPlastic (PVC, etc.) Note 1
Metal (SS, steel, copper, aluminum etc.)
FSSC (V method)50–600 mm
FSSC (Z method)600–1200 mm
FSSD (V method)13-100 mm
FSSE (V or Z method)200-6000 mm
FSSH (V or Z method)50-400 mm

Note 1 FSSC for the following pipes::

  • PP pipe with a thickness of 15 mm or more
  • PVDF pipe with a thickness of 9 mm or more
  • Metal pipes with coating, pipes rusting inside, pipes lined with coal tar epoxy, Teflon, mortar, or rubber, or other pipes through which the ultrasonic wave is hard to pass
Range0 to ±0.3             ±32 m/s
Accuracy±1,0% of rate (when flow velocity is ≥2 m/s)
Response time0.2 secondes (Quick mode response)
Ambient temperature-20°C to +55°C (transmitter)
-20°C to +60°C    80°C (depends on detector)
Analog output 4–20 mA CC, 1 point (maximum load resistence.: 600Ω)
Contact output Open collector: 2 points
Total, alarm, etc.
Total pulse output: 1 P/day to 100 P/s (open collector)
Serial communicationRS-485 (MODBUS) (option)
DisplayLCD with back light, 2-lines 16-digits
Keypad4 keys (ESC, up, shift, enter), Operation on panel (IP66 enclosure version)
Power supply voltage 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, or 20–30 V DC
Transmitter enclosureAluminum alloy, IP66 or IP67
Transmitter mountingWall mounted or pipe mounted
Transmitter dimensions  (mm) H170 x W142 x D70 (version IP66)
H220 x W230 x D95 (version IP67)


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