Temperature sensor

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Temperature sensor - PT100

Measurement principle

temperature sensorMeasurement of the resistance variation of a resistive element. This variation is function of the temperature at which it is subjected : increase of the resistance depends on the increase in temperature.

A platinum resistance probe is a type of thermistor that can measures the temperature over a range of -200°C to + 600°C (and exceptionally up to 800°C). This principle is based on a physical phenomenon : the electrical resistance of platinum varies with temperature.

Fuji Electric offers you a full range of custom-made resistance probes according to your specific needs, from unit to small series,

Recommended used range

  • -200 to -180°C : model on request, increased fragility
  • -180 to -50°C : model on request, increased fragility
  • -50 to +450°C : Standard range
  • +450 to +600°C : model on request, fragility, pollution hysensitivity, fast degradation of tolerances accuracy
  • +600 to +850°C : uncontrollable accelerated aging process


  • Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Linearity
  • Copper wiring