In-situ zirconia oxygen gas analysers

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Zirconium in-situ oxygen analysers are used to measure oxygen levels and combustion control in furnaces and boilers. The analysers are used to regulate the air-to-fuel ratio of burners in a controlled system to ensure an efficient process. This analyser is perfect for controlling and optimizing excess air in a combustion. This instrument provides significant fuel savings.


Oxygen analyser: Optimization of combustion efficiency and compliance with environmental standards

Ideal for combustion control of boilers, incinerators and furnaces, an oxygen analyser helps reduce CO₂, SOx and NOx emissions while saving your energy.

This gas analyser is specially designed for continuous measurement of oxygen concentration in flue gas and smoke from boilers in power plants, industrial furnaces (crematoria, glassworks, firing) and incinerators.

These zirconium oxide oxygen measurements are used to regulate the air-fuel ratio of burners in a controlled system to ensure optimum process efficiency in an industrial plant.

This instrument is ideally suited to control and optimize the excess air of a combustion. Therefore it allows an important saving on fuel consumption.