Pressure transmitter with advanced safety functions SIL2/SIL3

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Pressure Transmitter FCX-AII VG Series
with advanced safety functions SIL2/SIL3

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The state-of-the-art pressure transmitter

The FCX-AII VG Series pressure transmitters offer unmatched performance for optimized equipment control.

With enhanced SIL2/3 safety features, they measure relative, differential or absolute pressure and convert it into a directly proportional 4-20 mA output signal.

The digital signal processing by the microprocessor-based electronics unit and its micro-capacitive silicon cell provides outstanding characteristics in terms of speed, accuracy and stability.

Its high measuring dynamics offer an amazing flexibility and allow you to reduce your instrument stocks by decreasing the number of references.

Its reliability and robustness allow you to perpetuate your installations even in extreme environments.


Technical benefits pressure transmitter advancedTechnical benefits :

  • Broad range : differential, gauge, absolute, remote seal pressure transmitters
  • Large choice of application : pressure, flow, level, density on liquid, gas and steam
  • Wide measuring ranges: 1mbar to 500 bar
  • Excellent accuracy: up to ± 0.04% of the set scale
  • High dynamic range (turdown): 1:100
  • Ultra-fast response time: < 80 ms
  • Enhanced safety: SIL2/3 compliance
  • High long term stability: ± 0.1% of scale max / 10 years
  • Easy configuration: zero and span adjustment by screw or digital display
  • Insensitive to the environment: high resistance to overpressure, vibration and temperature
  • Wide choice of materials and seals: Tantalum, Monel, Hastelloy C, Gold,...
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive, adhesive, crystallizing, corrosive and viscous processes
  • Available for explosive environments: ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus


Main settings
Main settings :

  •     Transmitter scaling without reference pressure
  •     Linear or square root output signal
  •     Damping
  •     Digital indicator configuration
  •     Calibration
  •     Self-diagnosis
  •     Current generator in the measuring loop
  •     Configuration of the burnout

Integrated IEC 61508 safety functions SIL23Integrated IEC 61508 safety functions SIL2/3

With SIL 3 capability, the FCX-AII in its VG version is certified as a SIL2 (HFT=0) or SIL 3 (HFT=1) safety integrated system.
It complies with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards.
Its unique safety failure rate of 97% makes it the best SFF available on the pressure transmitter market.

Ultra-fast response timeUltra-fast response time

The FCX-AII VG pressure transmitter has a sampling period of 40 ms and a response time of 80 ms.
This unique performance makes it the fastest pressure transmitter on the market.

IOT smart sensor: many communication protocols HART,...

The FCX-AII VG pressure sensor is an intelligent sensor.
The available communication protocols allow it to integrate and ensure compatibility with existing systems.                      

Increased visibility integrated digital indicator
 Increased visibility: integrated digital indicator

The FCX-AII VG series pressure transmitters are equipped with a digital indicator with a bar graph.
The bar graph allows a quick visualization of your pressure measurement.
The digital indicator is composed of a LCD display with 2 lines of 6 digits and 3 push buttons for a precise reading of the measured pressure.
It allows to display the measurement in physical units and the local configuration of all the transmitter settings.
The push buttons and the digital display provide an intuitive and understandable interface for the configuration of the instrument.


Predictive maintenance maintenance function and fault detection

Predictive maintenance: maintenance function and fault detection

The pressure sensor has built-in diagnostic features to detect the causes of faults and take appropriate corrective actions.

Predictive maintenance functions:

  •     The calibration parameters performed in our factories are saved in the transmitter's memory.
                 It is possible at any time to return to the original parameters.
  •     The minimum and maximum operating temperatures are stored and can be consulted in the maintenance menu via the display or via a portable terminal.
                 You can quickly identify the causes of equipment failures.
  •     The access to all the parameters of the pressure transmitter can be secured by a password.
                 You ensure the safety of your equipment.

Failure detection features:

The output signal complies with NAMUR NE43 recommendations.
Fault detection is made easy.


Easy configuration with field tools
Easy configuration with field tools

FCX-AII VG pressure sensors are equipped with the latest HART® version 7 communication interface.
A HART handheld terminal or a computer with a HART modem can be connected.
The instruments are quickly configured and the settings saved.
Fuji Electric offers a complete set of FDT (Field Device Tool) drivers free of charge for DTM (Device Type Manager) software users.
This allows you to troubleshoot, configure, and access full settings using PACTware™ (or another FDT-compatible program).


Pressure transmitter with advanced safety functions SIL2/SIL3 documentation