Power energy counter

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Power energy counter - 53U

The 53U is a single-phase or three-phase communicating energy meter equipped with analog outputs.
Ideal for energy measurement and monitoring applications for single-phase and three-phase LV / MV power systems by transmitting data via its RS485 digital output to a power management or monitoring system.


  • Single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems
  • Measures simultaneously several variables of a heavy current power system: current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, power factor, frequency, etc.
  • Three line measured value/bargraph indicators plus energy count/info display
  • Input range up to 480 Vac, 1 A or 5 A
  • Primary voltage range: 50 – 400 000 V
  • Primary current range: 1 – 20 000 A
  • Auxiliary power input: 100-240V AC / 110-240V DC    
  • High accuracy (voltage/current: ±0.2 %, energy: ±0.5 %)
  • Up to 31st harmonic distortion measurement
  • 1/4 DIN (96 x 96 mm) panel size
  • IP50 front panel - Programming lock to prevent unwanted configuration changes
  • LCD backlight -4 digital displays
  • Screw terminal block
  • Logic input
  • Modbus + open collector output (alarm or pulse)
  • Analog output in option

Related software

PC configurator software/Viewer 53UCFG

Loading / downloading, creating, saving settings
RS-485 or RS-232C connection (MCN-CON cable)
All variables can be viewed at the same time

PC recorder software MSR128LU for 53U

Free download
RS-485 (Modbus RTU) via R2K-1
Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP) via 72EM2-M4 interface
31 units max

Power energy counter documentation