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portable ultrasonic flow meter


This portable ultrasonic flow meter consists of two clamp on transducers (install on the closed pipe) and of a digital converter operating on internal battery or on a power source.
This non invasive ultrasonic flow meter uses the transit time ultrasonic signal technology to measure flow of liquids on any pipe size.
It allows a wide range of applications due to its ability to adapt to all types of conditions and a wide choice of liquids and pipe sizes. 

Features of the portable ultrasonic flow metersFeatures of the portable ultrasonic flow meters

  • Accurate measurement of liquid flow rate
  • No need to cut the pipe wall thanks to clamp on transducers
  • Quick installation
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure loss
  • Bi-directional large flow speed measurement from -32 to +32 m/s.


A powerful and user-friendly portable ultrasonic device that is very appreciated by anyone wishing to measure flow in the field: a large colour LCD graphic display, a set of drop-down menus and a reduced number of keys make this unit a simple flow meter. It can measure bi-directional flow speeds from -32 to +32 m/s.


Easy Measurement Anytime and Anywhere with clamp on portable ultrasonic flow meter

  • Easy Measurement Anytime and Anywhere with clamp on portable ultrasonic flow meteWide range of pipe sizes (from DN 13 to 6000 mm)
  • Sensors are externally mounted (clamp on) on the pipe which allows easy and quick installation without cutting the pipe wall
  • Anti-bubble algorythm to reduce interference and enable reliable and accurate measurement
  • 12 hours of continuous operation via built-in battery
  • Data logger features included
  • Supplied with its carrying case including electronic signal converter with LCD display, multiple pipes size clamp on transducer, easily attaches transducers system, all cables and accessories
  • Optional graphic printer system for on-site printing of measured flow data, or BMP file screen copy


Supplied with its carrying case including electronic signal converter with LCD display, mul

Energy calculation function available

This function of ultrasonic portable flow meter allows to measure the thermal energies exchanged via fluid used in air-conditioning systems HVAC.
The electronic transmitter calculates the thermal energy consumption based on the forward flow temperature, the return flow temperature, and the liquid flow rate.
This way the ultrasonic flowmeter can calculate the energy efficiency of the heating system and help you to save energy.

Energy calculation function available

Simple and user-friendly interface

A digital USB interface allowing connection to a computer PCThe FSC ultrasonic flowmeter has an LCD and colour display with excellent real time performance for easy reading and understanding.
Together with the measurement and totalization display function, the FSC ultrasonic flowmeters also offer :

  • Data logger with SD card data storage (instantaneous values, integrated values) can be transmitted to PC via USB cable
  • Flow velocity profile visualization
  • Memory storage : 1 to 20 parameters configurations
  • Heat energy quantity computation
  • A digital USB interface allowing connection to a computer PC
  • Multi-language display

Simple and user-friendly interface



Application of ultrasonic flow meter portable Application of ultrasonic flow meter portable

  • Leak detection of any liquids on pipeline
  • Temporary flow measurement of liquid for maintenance purpose for any pipe sizes
  • Volumetric flow in clean liquids and those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration such as surface water or raw sewage
  • Non invasive flow rate calibration of existing magnetic flow meter
  • Pump flow control
  • Measuring and balancing district heating network

Note : This device is not a portable gas flow meter and not suitable for gas applications like compressed air


Leak detection of any liquids on pipeline


FluidsUniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can propagate (Water, hot-water, distilled water, alcohol,milk, ethanol, etc.)
Inner pipe diameter13 mm to 6000 mm (depending on the detector)
Fluid temperature-40 to +200 °C (depending on the detector)
Flow velocity range0 to ±32 m/s (±0.3m/s min.)
±1.0 % of rate(depending on the flow velocity)
Response time1 second or less
PathTransit time method (1 Path)
DisplayColor graphic LCD with back light
Analog output signal4–20 mA DC (1 point)
Analog input signal4–20 mA DC/1–5 V DC (2 points)
Supply voltageBuilt-in battery (In the fully charged condition, 12 hours of continuous operation is possible.)
Size210 × 120 × 65 mm
WeightApprox. 1kg
SD memory cardIt can be saved almost a year date by attached date standards (512MB)
Serial communicationTransmission data (data stored in a SD memory card such as instantaneous value, total value, etc)
USB port is used
Transmission distance: 3 m max.
FunctionsDamping time constant variable within 0 to 100 sec
Instantaneous value display (10 digits) Various flow rate unit settable
Total value display (10 digits) Various flow rate unit settable
Consumed heat quantity computation
Self diagnosis (diagnoses battery voltage drop and received waveform from the sensor)
Flash memory (measurement parameter for pipe, fluid, sensor, etc)
A number of registered sites: 32
Zero point adjustment (Set zero/Clear available)
Bi-directional flow measurement
Low flow cut (0 to 5m/s)
OptionsWith printer: Display hard copy, periodic printing and logged data printing
Flow velocity profile (Pulse Doppler method): Displays flow velocity profile of instantaneous value and average value


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