Microventuri Flue gas Flowmeter

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Flue Gas Flow Rate Monitors

Microventuri based continuous monitoring
of flue gas flow rate, pressure and temperature

Designed for tough industrial applications
with highly dusts loaded fl ue gas.
Flow  -  Pressure  -  Temperature



Environmental Monitoring:
  • Combustion plants
  • Incineration
  • District Heating
  • CEMS in a wide range of industry sectors


Fuji Electric Components:

Designed and manufactured by Fuji Electric France :
  • FKC very high performance Pressure Transmitters
  • Fuji Electric Hardware and Software (option) design



Mounted on small or large diameter stacks.
Only one flange on only one side of the stack.
Perfect for very dusty applications :
  • No clogging possible
  • Biomass, coal or fuel fired boilers


Turnkey System:

One single flange on the stack - Three signals:
  • Differential pressure / Velocity
  • Static pressure
  • Temperature




Microventuri Flue gas Flowmeter documentation