Marine laser gas analyser

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Ships Scrubbers ZQS Laser Gas Analyser

Continuous monitoring of SO2 and CO2 in severe environment with saving running cost and space.


Continuous monitoring of SO2 and CO2 in severe en environment
IMO Resolution MEPC.259 (68) certified by DNV-GL & Class NK


Monitoring exhaust gas emissions is crucial for compliance with MARPOL Annex VI regulations on sulphur emissions. To use an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS), it is one of the schemes that we can take to cope with their regulation. And, it is necessary to continuously monitor the concentrations of SO2 and CO2 using the gas analyzer mounted on a ship according to the guidelines for the systems (IMO Resolution MEPC.259 (68)).



Achieving optimized control with compact, high speed, accurate, low-maintenance ZQS laser gas analyser.

Compact Size:

  • We have succeeded in reducing the size 1/10 of the infrared type.
  • Therefore, it can be easily installed even in a narrow space inside a ship.
  • It is suitable for either the retrofit of existing in-service ships or new ships.

Low running cost:

Compared to infrared gas analysers, the maintenance cost can be reduced to less than 1/2 because the number of replacement parts is small and its calibration is required only once a year.

Three advantages for ships:

  1. Compact, low running cost and easy maintenance.