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The FUJI FCX-AII differential, gauge and absolute pressure transmitters can be direct mounted with different kinds of manifold, adapted for the application and the type of transmitter.

Manifolds can be delivered mounted on the transmitters or supplied separately. When supplied mounted, the complete assembly is fully pressure tested, and calibrated in the factory.
Different types of manifolds are available : 1 to 5 valves, with bolting in 7/16-20, M10 or M12 in SS 316 or carbon steel.





  • Standard : Stainless steel 316 for manifold body and valves
  • Carbon steel : for quantities of 50 or more (consult Fuji)
  • Upon request : body material in Monel, Duplex,Hastell etc.
  • Bolts material : stainless steel 316, vis M10 until 160 bar (static pressire) and 100 bar (gauge pressure), M12 ou 7/16-20UNF until 420 bar (static pressure) and 500 bar (gauge pressure).
  • Gasket : PTFE (standard), Grafoil, Kevlar etc.


Manifold M_1V

One-valve manifold

Multiport one valve manifold, with separate vent or calibration facilities. Transmitter connection is 1/2“-14 NPT male and process connection (customer side) is 1/2“ NPT female.
It can be direct mounted on FKP transmitter or via oval flange (1/2“-14 NPT) on FCX-AII transmitters.
Maximum presure : 414 bar (6000 PSI)




Manifold M_2V

Two-valves manifold

Direct mounted 2 valve manifold delivered with 2 bolts and one PTFE gasket.
Both valves have the inlet and drain/vent connection on the mounting face and are suitable for all applications up to 414 bar (6000 PSI).
This manifold can be mounted on FCX-AII gauge and absolute pressure transmitter.
Process connection is 1/2“-14 NPT female





Manifold M_3 vThree-valves manifold

Alternative solution for 3 valve manifold with some additional facilities like more space for the customer process connection and 2 additional pluged vent ports (1/4“-18 NPT).
The 3 valves are mounted in line on the top of the manifold body.
Process connections are 1/2“-14 NPT female at 102 mm centers; maximum pressure 414 bar (6000 PSI). Other alternative three-valves manifolds can be used on the differential pressure and flow transmitters on FCX-AII series.
The 2 isolating valves (HP & LP side) are on the body ends of the manifold and the equalising valve on the top.





Manifold M_5V

Five-valves manifold

This manifold type is used on the differential and flow transmitters on FCX-AII series. It combines 2 isolating valves (HP & LP side) 2 drain/vent valves and one equalising valve.
Suitable for applications up to 414 bar (6000 PSI).
Process connections are 1/2“-14 NPT female at 54 mm or (2“ 1/8) centers. Supplied with 4 bolts and 2 PTFE gaskets.




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