Laser Gas Analyser

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ZSS laser gas analyzers provide innovative combustion optimization technology - perfect for incinerators, industrial boilers, power, steel and chemical plants.


ZSS Laser Gas Analysers

Laser Gas Analyser



Insertion type offers high-speed measurement.

Long-term stability and low maintenance.

ZSS Laser Gas Analysers for: waste incinerators, district heating and industrial boilers, chemical plant.

NH3  -  HCI  -  CO  -  O2  -  CO2  -  CH4





ZSS Laser gas analysers provide continuous measurement of gas concentration

  • CO and O2 with ZSS dual beam TDL analyser (ZSS-D)
  • HCl, NH3, CO, CO2 and O2 with the ZSS single beam analyser (ZSS-S)

ZSS Laser gas analysers provide continuous measurement of gas concentration



FeaturesLaser gas analyser absorption spectrum and comparison with samplig system

  • Laser Technology: high precision
  • Compact size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast response


Absorption spectrum

The analyser uses near infrared semiconductor laser and measures the change in absorption wavelength to determine the gas concentration.


Energy saving and low maintenance

No sampling involved  -  No filter
No preconditioning  -  No catalyst

  1. Energy consumption ≤ 80 VA
  2. Maintenance work ≤ twice a year
  3. With no need for sampling devices and preconditioning, consumable parts and maintenance work are greatly reduced.


Zero point stability

  • ±2.0% FS per 6 months

Purge system reduces the risk of zero drift due to contamination


Fast response within 2 seconds

Compared to the ion electrode (sampling) method, the direct measurement provides remarkably faster response.


CO + O2 analyser available

Simultaneous measurement of CO and O₂ enables precise control of air-fuel ratio while reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

  • ppm CO + O2 (high-temperature)
  • vol% CO + O2
  • ppm CO + O2 (instrument air purge)
  • CO + CO2


Instrument air purge available

O₂ analyser for combustion control accepts instrument air purge.



Measurable components and rangesSee the table below
Light sourceNear-infrared semiconductor laser
Laser classCLASS 1
(O2 analysers of high-temperature version and instrument air purge version fall under CLASS 3B)
Power supply voltage1001-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption80 VA
Calibration intervalevery 6 months (depending on the operating environment)
DisplayBacklit LCD
Display contentsComponent, concentration (instantaneous value, average, O2 corrected instantaneous value, O2 corrected average value), alarm
WeightReceiver unit and transmitter unit: approx. 10 kg each, control unit: approx. 8 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)Receiver unit (400 x 180 x 155 mm)
Transmitter unit (400 x 240 x 160 mm)
Control unit (137 x 255 x 440 mm)
IP ratingIP65


Response≤ 4 s (≤ 2 s in high-speed version)
Repeatability±1.0% FS (depending on components and ranges)
CO + O2 measurement: ±2% FS
Linearity±1.0% FS (depending on components and ranges)
CO + O2 measurement: ±3% FS
Zero drift±2.0% FS per 6 months (depending on component and range)
CO + O2 measurement: ±4% FS per 6 months
Interference effect±2.0% FS
Detection limit1 % of minimum range


Input/output signal
Analog output4-20 mA DC or 1-5 V DC, 2 or 4 points
Measured value and O2 corrected value. Switchable between instantaneous value and average value
Analog input4-20 mA DC, 2 points
Sample gas pressure, temperature, velocity, O2 concentration, water concentration, air purge pressure
*Inputs are used for compensating concentration, O2 correction, and alarm output.
Digital outputRelay contact output, 6 points
Low light transmission, H/L limit alarm, analyser error, during calibration / during hold, power interruption, environmental error
Digital input (option)Voltage input received by photocoupler, 3 points
Average value reset, switchover between instantaneous value and moving average value, remote hold


Installation environment
Ambient temperature-20 to +55°C (Receiver unit, transmitter unit)
-5 to +45°C (Control unit)
Ambient humidity90% RH
Optical path length0.5 to 10 m (0.5 to 5 m in CO + O2 measurement)
Standard flangeJIS10K, 50A,100A, DN50/PN10 or ANSI # 150 2B
Purge gasSee the table below. Purge gas pressure: > 0.3 MPa
Purge gas flow rate> 20 L/min
Gas conditionsSee the table below
Moisture: < 50 vol% (no condensation)
Pressure: ±10 kPa (Consult us for pressure above the limit.)
Dust: Standard version: < 5 g/m3 (N)
Dust resistant version: < 20 g/m3 (N)


Measurable components and ranges

 Measurable componentsMin. range*Max, range*Gas temperaturePurge gas4th code
Single beam 1 component analyserHCI10 ppm5000 ppm≤400°CInstrument airC
NH315 ppm5000 ppm≤ 450°CW
CO (high range)2.0 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CA
CO (low range)200 ppm1 vol%≤ 400°CM
CO22.0 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CG
CH4100 ppm100 vol%≤ 300°CR
O210 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CN2P
O2 (high temperature)4 vol%100 vol%≤ 1200°CQ
O2 (instrument air purge)25 vol%100 vol%400°C…1200°CInstrument airT
Single beam 2 components analyserCO + CO22.5 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CInstrument airK
Double beam 2 components analyserppm CO + O2 (instrument air purge)CO200 ppm2 vol%400°C ... 1200°CInstrument airV
O225 vol%100 vol%
ppm CO + O2 (high temperature)CO200 ppm2 vol%≤ 1200°CN2U
O25 vol%50 vol%
 CO2 vol%50 vol% ≤ 300°CS
vol% CO + O2O210 vol%100 vol%
*The measurement ranges described above are for the optical path of 1 m.


Download the brochure boiler combustion solution and laser gas analyser ZSS

Download the brochure boiler combustion solutionDownload the brochure laser gas analyser ZSS



Boiler combustion solution CO + O2

Boiler combustion solution CO+O2 enhancing gas recovery efficiency

Boiler combustion solution CO+O2 improving combustion efficiency


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