Infrared Gas Analysers

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Extractive infrared multigas analyzers NDIR

Fuji Electric Extractive Gas Analyzers for process control and continuous measurement of stack emissions.
Their QAL1 certification guarantees high performance and regulatory and normative compliance.
Reliable and precise, their design quality guarantees 24-hour operation in difficult environments such as smoke from industrial chimneys.
Robustness reduces maintenance costs and increases the availability of boilers and equipment.
Extractive measurement consists of taking a gas flow from the chimney or the gas pipe via a sampling probe and conveying it to the gas analyzer.
The gas is sampled, treated in order to ensure optimal conditions for gas measurement.

Extractive multigas analyzers zre zkj zpa


Measurement of the concentration of 1 to 5 components

The Fuji Electric extractive multigas analyser range consists of non-dispersive 5-gas infrared analyzers. They allow simultaneous and continuous measurement by extraction of 1 to 5 gases from:

  • CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, CH4 and N2O by single or double beam NDIR technology
  • O2 by paramagnetic, Zirconia or electrochemical technology





  • Simple maintenance thanks to self-diagnostic functions
  • Good precision and excellent stability of the measurement over time
  • Large backlit display
  • Automatic zero and span calibration
  • Correction with oxygen
  • Modbus® protocol digital link
  • Large scale dynamics (1 to 20 configurable)

Detection principle:

Detection principle infrared analyser

The mass flow meter determines the amount of infrared light absorbed by the measuring cell.
Mass flow meter:

  • It converts the absorption of infrared light into an electrical signal.
  • Excellent resistance to interference thanks to the low impedance sensor.
  • The absence of moving parts makes the analyzer particularly resistant to vibrations.



ZKJ  -  5 components analyser - NDIR dual beam


Analyser ZKJIdeal for controlling polluting emissions

Uses a highly sensitive mass flow meter as a detector.

Simultaneous and continuous measurement of 5 gases:

CO2  -  CO  -  CH4  -  NOx  -  SO2  -  O2  -  NO  -  N2O