High static differential pressure transmitter

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Worldwide acclaimed differential pressure
measurement under extreme conditions.


pressure transmitter high static differential 15000 psi fuji electric

Since 1996, Fuji Electric France has been developing specific high static differential pressure transmitter for oil&gas applications and which is ideally suited to Topside and Subsea applications (depths down to 3500 meters).

Thanks to cutting-edge technology based on a sensitive sensor which floats in the neck of the cell, our differential pressure transmitters enable flow measurements with the suitable static pressures :

  • 7500 Psi (517 bar)
  • 10 000 Psi (690 bar)
  • 15 000 Psi (1035 bar)
  • 20 000 Psi (1380 bar)
Differential pressure transmitter for
high static pressure up to 15 000 psi (1035 bar)

made in france high static differential pressure transmitter


Applications for high static differential pressure transmitter

•  OIL&GAS market :oil and gas market high static differential pressure transmitter

Inaccuracy and poor stability of differential pressure and flow measurement can lead to a huge loss of money or even to an equipment catastrophic failure. Under extreme static pressures, having an acceptable accuracy and reliability on the long run is a challenge for most operators that has been solved and improved by Fuji Electric since 1996.

Our transmitters can be found on most International and National Oil Companies globally.

Typical oil&gas applications are:

Onshore DrillingOffshore TopsidesSubsea single and multiphase flowmeters
Onshore drilling oil and gas applicationsOffshore topsides oil and gas applications

Subsea single oil and gas applications

For these different types of applications, the pressure transmitter is designed for harsh production conditions and that can withstand static pressures up to 20,000 psi with low measured pressures.

•  Hydrogen market :

hydrogen market h2 high static differential pressure transmitter

Since 2020, hydrogen generation projects (whether grey, blue or green) as well as new stations are booming. Hydrogen very low density in its gaseous state impose engineers to set an enormous compression factor leading to static pressures up to 1,379 barg (20,000 psig).

Benefitting from its experience in the Oil&Gas industry Fuji Electric supply its high static differential pressure transmitter with gold coating for hydrogen pressure and flow metering applications.



A champion in differential pressure
measurement with high performance features

Thanks to the technology based on a sensitive element which floats in the neck of the cell, as well as the presence of a protection membrane, Fuji Electric high static pressure transmitter is able to achieve outstanding performances for severe environmental conditions unmatched by the competition.

Our transmitters are offered with a multitude of different process connections like a coned and threaded direct connection, or with or without remote seals, and are fitted with adequate marine offshore protection.


a champion in differential pressure measurement with hight performance features fuji electric


Maximum static pressure

Up to 1,379 barg (20,000 psig)

Lowest differential pressure measuring range

130 mbar (51 inH2O) @1,035 barg (15,000 psig)


Down to 0.1% of calibrated/adjusted span

Extented long term stability

10 years

Designed for harsh production conditions and environment

The design is based on an all welded construction, where the welded assembling of the process covers on the measuring cell replaces the gaskets. Adapted SS 660 bolting and the specific process covers – NACE compatible – ensure that the required mechanical strength to the assembly is certified according to a PED category IV module H1.

High durability and low maintenance

All welded design to resists overpressure and  withstand line pressure effects

Comprehensive diagnostic coverage




Subsea Market - Tailor Made Engineered sensor
for fluid and gas flow measurement process applications


Subsea Market Tailor Made Engineered Products for flow measurement applications

In a fast pace environment such as Subsea market, Single/Multi-phase Flowmeter Manufacturers need to focus on their core skills, as lead time reduction as well as standardization have become the standard. For high static pressures, to measure differential pressures in a consistent fashion has also been the one of the key to ultra-deep water flow measurement.

Since 1996, Fuji Electric has partnered with major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers in the oil & gas sector to design and manufacture integrated transmitter based on its differential pressure cell unrivaled performances. Oil operators being now forced to dig into new depths, our company is a partner of choice for flow meter manufacturers.

Our vertical integration in Clermont Ferrand (France) allows our company to co-engineer combined pressure transmitters with hyperbaric subsea hermetic design enclosures that have been supplied to all fields on the world.


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