Flow through cell for oxygen analyser - FTC

Extractive mounting of ZFK8 zirconia O2 probe.

Fields of application

Continuous measurement of atmospheric emissions
Atmosphere control in industrial furnaces
Combustion control
Humidity measurement in flue gas


  • Economical
  • Compact size
  • Rugged
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The FTC flow through cell is an optional component of Fuji Electric's zirconia oxygen measurement platform.

This element enables the ZFK8 O2 zirconia probe and ZKM O2 controller to be used as an extractive oxygen analyser.

The FTC flow cell, on which the ZFK8 oxygen probe is mounted, is made entirely of S316L stainless steel. To circulate the gas to be analyzed, it is fitted with double-ring stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings for 6mm tubing.


Manual: Zirconia oxygen sensor ZFK8

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datasheet ZKM controllers and ZFK8 and ZTA zirconia oxygen probes

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Brochure: Measures for energy and the environment

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Flow through cell for oxygen analyser - FTC

Reference : FTC