Multi-channel biogas flow meter - SOL BIOGAZ

Biogas metering

Fields of application

Fuji Electric flowmeters are low-pressure meters designed to monitor: biogas from landfill sites (collected, recovered, flared), waste gases from methanization and agricultural anaerobic digestion, gases from pumped energy transfer stations (PETS), gas engines.


  • Transactional metering and secure data
  • Get data validated by government authorities
  • Easy-to-read counts
  • Collect and analyze your measurements remotely
  • Designed for use in harsh environments
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The Fuji Electric biogas flow meter has been developed and certified specifically for the biogas market using pitot tube flow measurement technology and differential pressure transmitter. This transactional measurement directly determines gas flow at a standardized pressure and temperature.


Application: Control and optimize your biogas production

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Flyer: Measure and count biogas

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Brochure: Measures for energy and the environment

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Multi-channel biogas flow meter - SOL BIOGAZ

Reference : SOL-BIOGAZ