Compact ultrasonic flow meter s-flow - FSZ

Ultrasonic flow measurement

Fields of application

This flowmeter can be installed on cold and hot water pipes throughout the building (pure water manufacturing processes, equipment cleaning and cooling processes).
The flowmeter can also be mounted inside equipment where there is a dense network of small-diameter pipes (semiconductor manufacturing equipment).


  • Compact and light design
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent resistance to aerated flow
  • High accuracy
  • Fast response
  • Excellent performance and ease of use
Reference : FSZ
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This measuring instrument is a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter that can measure the volumetric flow rate of a liquid inside a pipe by attaching it from the outside. By making full use of the latest electronic and digital signal processing technologies, this ultrasonic flow meter is considerably more compact than conventional flowmeters. It integrates the transmitter and flow sensor, eliminating the need to wire signal cables, while its grease-free design makes it easy to mount on pipes.


Main unit typeTypePipe diameter
FSZ088A, I0A
FSZ1515A, 20A
FSZ2525A, 32A
ConfigurationIntegrated transmitter and flow sensor
Mounting methodClamp-on type
Measurement methodTransit time measurement method
Measuring fluidHomogeneous fluids where ultrasonic signals can be transmitted
Measurement range0 to ±5 m/s (Min. 0 to ±0.2 m/s)
AccuracySpeed from 1 m/s to 5 m/s: ±2% of flow rate
Speed below 1 m/s: ±0.02 m/s
Straight pipe length requiredUpstream 10D or more; downstream 5D or more (D: inside diameter of pipe)
Pipe materialsMetals (stainless steel, steel, copper) Plastics (PVC, PP, PVDF)
Pipe thickness1.2 mm to 4.9 mm
Temperature and humidity of fluid-15 to +85°C (may vary depending on ambient temperature)
Response time0.5 seconds
Output signal4 to 20 mA DC: 1 point Contact: 2 points
Display4-digit 2-line LED display
Degree of protection IP65/lP67
Ambient temperature-15 to +60°C
Ambient humidity 95%RH or less
Power supply and consumption20 to 27.5 V DC, 2.5 W or less
WeightFSZ08: 400 g FSZ15: 500 g FSZ25: 600 g
Temperature sensor - Temperature measurement Pipe surface temperature measurement (optional)


Manual: Compact ultrasonic flowmeter S-flow FSZ sensor FLYF cable

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Compact ultrasonic flow meter s-flow - FSZ

From 1584 €

Reference : FSZ