Electronic Personal Dosimeter

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Electronic Personal Dosimeter NRF5 Series

NRF50 personal radiation dosimeter for X ray and gamma radiation measurement
NRF51 personal radiation dosimeter for X ray and gamma radiation, with neutrons measurement
NRF54 personal radiation dosimeter for X ray and gamma radiation with beta radiation measurement


Radiation protection for workers requires effective dosimetry monitoring of their dose rate exposure to ionising radiation when working in controlled or supervised areas.

  • Facilitate the monitoring of your radiation exposure to ionising radiation
  • Increase the safety of your teams
  • Focus on your mission, a supervisor is watching over you!
  • Collect reliable measure, accurate dosimetry data that complies with the regulations



What is dosimetry?

What is dosimetry

Passive or delayed reading dosimetry

Passive dosimetry is mandatory for all workers who may be exposed to ionising radiation (in supervised or controlled areas).

The reading, analysis and use of dosimetry data collected during a defined period, ranging from one to three months, is only possible by an accredited laboratory.
Several technologies co-exist: radiophotoluminescence (RPL), optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), and thermally stimulated luminescence (TLD).

Active or operational dosimetry

Active dosimetry is mandatory for access to a controlled area. Complementary to passive dosimetry, it allows real-time measurement of the dose rate and the integrated dose equivalent, Hp(10) Hp(0.07) Hp(3).
A series of alarms built into the dosimeter alerts the worker when predetermined thresholds of individual radiation dose or dose rate are reached.

Real-time supervision of the dosimetry received by the wearer is possible for the most demanding situations thanks to a remote transmission system (teledosimetry). 
Teledosimetry software also simplifies the management of your radiation protection.

What is an electronic-personal dosimeterWhat is an electronic personal dosimeter (EPD)?

The electronic personal dosimeters allows the instant and continuous measurement and display of radiation dose and dose rate received. The wearer can consult and monitor his exposure level in real-time on the dosimeter.
These dosimeters devices are particularly suitable for high-risk areas where the wearer's stay time is limited. It is also an excellent tool for optimising the exposure of your teams for their protection.


radiation-exposed workersThe NRF50 series of electronic personal dosimeters are designed for the dosimetry and personal radiation monitoring of workers exposed to ionising radiation


  • Increased visibility: The dosimeter large backlit LCD display allows the dose rate and dose received to be read at a glance. Everything has been designed with the user in mind
  • Adapted to hostile environments: the dosimeter is compact, lightweight, shock resistant and waterproof (IP65/67)A clip on the rear of the personal dosimeter instrument allows the user to wear the instrument on a belt or pocket to represent dose to the whole body

Increase the safety of your teams

  • Visual alerts: the screen's colours and the ultra-bright flashing warning LEDs (red, orange) are variable according to the alarm conditions and thresholds you predefined. Dose, Dose Equivalent Rate are easily seen.
  • Audible alarm and tactile alerts: a 100-decibel buzzer and a vibration complete the visual alarm to alert the wearer

for-dosimetry-monitoring-of-workersFocus on your mission, a supervisor is watching over you!

  • Thanks to telemetry, a supervisor can remotely manage the radiological data of teams
  • Telecommunications functions (Wifi, radio, Bluetooth®) are natively integrated into our dosimeters. No need for an additional module.
  • IR is included for data transmission to PC with a reader
  • Bluetooth also allows the connection of peripheral accessories to increase team monitoring and safety (alarm reporting bracelet, heart rate monitor, etc.)
  • The built-in accelerometer detects the fall of a lone worker and alerts the supervisor


  • Very high sensitivity and fast response time
  • Wide sensitive measurement range:
  1. Gamma, X-ray radiation : energy range from 30 keV to 6 MeV
  2. Neutron: energy range 0.025 eV to 15 MeV
  3. Both Gamma and Beta: energy range 500 keV to 2.2 MeV
  • The personal electronic dosimeter complies with IEC 61526 and ANSI N42.20 standards
  • Data including dose rate measure histories and alarm events are stored in a memory and can be downloaded for personnel dose management through PC software and a reader


Applications-et-domaines-d’utilisation-du-dosimètre-électronique-personnelApplications and fields of use of the electronic personal dosimeter and electronic dosimetry systems

The electronic personal dosimeter is designed for the regulatory protection of workers exposed to ionising radiation.
The NRF5 series electronic dosimeter is versatile and can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into a dosimetry or remote dosimetry system.

These dosimeters are ideally suited to the requirements and applications of:

  • Nuclear power plants and fuel cycle,
  • Decommissioning activities,
  • Military defence and civil security: protection of first responders,
  • Research laboratories and education,
  • Particle accelerators,
  • Oil and gas and others Industrial activities
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Medical medical and life sciences (radiological platform).
  • CBRNe and Emergency services
  • Environmental and waste management industries
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