Differential pressure transmitter

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Differential pressure transmitter

High accuracy differential pressure transmitters for your measurements from 1 mbar to 30 bar.
Reliable pressure transmitters adapted to your industrial instrumentation.


Principle of differential pressure measurement

The differential pressure (dp) is the difference in pressure between two pressures.

The differential pressure sensor compares two pressures:

  • A reference pressure on the low pressure side (LP)
  • A pressure on the high pressure side (HP).

The differential pressure sensor converts the pressure difference into an electronic signal.

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What are the applications of differential pressure sensors?


What are the applications of differential pressure sensorsDifferential pressure sensors are used to :

  • For applications with very low or very high temperatures, the differential pressure sensors can be equipped with one or two diaphragm seals.
  • To measure a differential pressure to monitor a pump for example
  • To measure a pressure drop, to monitor a filter clogging for example
  • To measure a liquid or gas level continuously, for example for a pressure tank
            The high pressure (HP) side of the sensor cell measures the pressure.
            The low pressure (LP) side of the sensor cell measures the pressure of the gas atmosphere
            The pressure difference between the high and low pressure sides allows the transmitter to calculate the level.
  • The density must be constant to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement.
            To measure a volume or mass flow of a fluid (liquid, gas, steam).
             In this last case, it is associated with a deprimogen which creates a differential pressure according to the flow of a fluid.
  • To measure an interface or a density.



  • Numerous applications: flow, level, filtration, density, interface.
  • Robust design withstands high static pressure.
  • Improved accuracy compared to using two relative pressure sensors.
  • Measures very small measuring ranges.
  • Diaphragm seals version for extreme temperatures from -90 °C to +400 °C.




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