Cross Stack Laser Gas Analyser

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Cross Stack Laser Gas TDL Analyser - ZSS

Continuous measurement, low maintenance and long-term superior stability

ZSS Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analysers provide continuous measurement of gaz concentration :

  • CO and O2 with ZSS dual beam TDL analyser (ZSS-D)
  • HCl contained in flue gas in municipal waste incineration plant and industrial waste disposal facility, NH3 in power plant and denitration equipment, CO, CO2 and O2 in iron and steel plant and chemical plants, with the ZSS single beam analyser (ZSS-S)

ZSS is installed directly on the flue pipe where target gas flow to be measured. Preparation is not required for measured gas to be introduced to the analyzer ( which is required for sampling method).
This gas analyser can be used under high dust conditions. It is possible to install upstream of the bagfilter where gas sampling is normally difficult.




Cross Stack Laser Gas TDL Analyser scheme

Cross Stack Laser Gas TDL Analyser scheme


Specifications : ZSS-S and ZSS-D

Measureable componentComponentMin. measuring rangeMax. measuring rangeMeasured temperaturePurge gas4th digit
Single beam
1 component analyser

HCl10 ppm5000 ppm≤ 400°CAirC
NH315 ppm5000 ppm≤ 450°CW
CO2.0 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CA
CO (High temperature)200 ppm1 vol%≤ 400°CM
CO22.0 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CG
CH4100 ppm100 vol%≤ 300°CR
O210 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CN2P
O2 (High temperature)4 vol%100 vol%≤ 1200°CQ
O2 (Air purge)25 vol%100 vol%400 to 1200°CAirT
Single beam
2 components analyser

CO+CO22.5 vol%100 vol%≤ 300°CAirK
Dual beam
2 components analyser

ppm CO+O2 (Air purge)CO : 200ppm
O2 : 25 vol%
CO : 2 vol%
O2 : 100 vol%
400 to 1200°CAirV
ppm CO+O2 (High temperature)CO : 200ppm
O2 : 5 vol%
CO : 2 vol%
O2 : 50 vol%
≤ 1200°CN2U
%vol CO+O2CO : 2 vol%
O2 : 10 vol%
CO : 50 vol%
O2 : 100 vol%
≤ 300°CS



  • Excellent long-term stability : +/- 2.0% FS (zero drift)
  • Ultra-high speed response : 1 to 5 seconds (High speed response for 1 or 2 seconds is applicable)
  • Direct insertion system eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Air purge method is adopted for O2 meter which is no need of nitrogen gas
  • Negligible interference by others gas components
  • Measurement in a high-temperature/high particulate concentration environment
  • Energy-saving 75VA power consumption
  • CO + O2 analyzer has joined our product line

ZSS-S applications

ZSS-D applications

Industrial waste treatment plant

improving combustion efficiency   

Large type boiler

enhancing gas recovery efficiency


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