Electromagnetic flow meter for liquids

Electromagnetic flow meter for liquid

Simple and economical flow measurement solutions for conductive liquidselectromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeters are ideally suited for flow measurement of all conductive liquids. These meters are very accurate and offer a reliable flow measurement.

Electromagnetic flow meters measurement working principle

The operating principle of the electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday's Law of magnetic induction defined as defined as E=k*B*D*V.

The signal voltage (E) induced across any conductor, as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field (B), is proportional to the velocity (V) of that conductor. The voltage induced within the fluid is measured by two diametrically opposed internally mounted measuring electrodes. The induced voltage generated  to the magnetic coils is directly proportional to the product of the magnetic flux density, the distance between the electrodes (D) and the average flow velocity of the fluid.

Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle

ModMAGTM magnetic flow meter series

With excellent reliability over time (no moving parts), high accuracy (±0.2%) and low pressure drop on the pipework, these mag flow meters are perfectly adapted to your volumetric flow measurement requirements.

  • Available for pipe sizes diameters from 6 to 2000 mm,
  • Compact mounting (converter mounted on the measuring tube) or remote,
  • Several internal coatings of the measuring tube (PTFE, hard rubber, rubber) and several types of electrodes (AISI 316 Ti, Hastelloy CTM and Platinum) are available,
  • Hazardous areas explosion-proof version (M3000/M4000)
  • Stand-alone version (M5000) with battery power (up to 12 years of autonomy),
  • Analog signal 4-20mA and pulse output for control system
  • Extended communication options (HARTTM, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUSTM, M-Bus, Ethernet etc.)


How to install the magnetic volumetric flow meter ?

The measured liquid must have a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm (20 μS/cm for demineralized water).
The electromagnetic flow meters are installed in line with flanges or in sandwich. 
Compare to clamp on flow meter, the pipe need to be cutted. A short straight upstream pipe section is required as far as downstream straight run.
The system must be properly grounded.


How to check the electromagnetic flow meters ?verification device for electromagnetic flowmeter

A verification device is available for magnetic flow meters M1000, M2000, M5000

All important parameters of the magnetic flow meter are measured, protocolized and evaluated. The accuracy of the amplifier, of the inputs and outputs as well as the functionality of the detector are controlled more easily and more precisely.
The verification device enables to check of the perfect and exact functionality of the electromagnetic flow meters types M1000, M2000 and M5000 on-site at regular time intervals at a low cost and without interruption of the process. The device is verifying that the MAG meter´s calibration is still ranging between ±1% of the primary factory calibration.


What are the application of the magnetic flow meters?

These magnetic flow meters can be used on any conductive fluid to measure the flow rate of a conductive liquid in any industrial sectors including chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries (distilled water), pulp and paper industries, food and beverage industries (drinking water), irrigation and wastewater industries.