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Which instrumentation for the chemical industry?

Instrumentation: a strategic choice for increasing the performance of chemical and petrochemical processes

Pressure measurement is used in many applications in chemical and petrochemical industrial processes (distillation columns, reactors, separators etc.). These applications are characterized by very wide temperature and pressure ranges and operate in highly corrosive environments (chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid etc.).

Real-time level, flow or density information is gained during absolute, relative or differential pressure measurements. The excellent reliability and measuring accuracy of our equipment will increase the performance of your process to ensure maximum availability.

Measuring instruments adapted to your chemical processes to optimize your operating costs

The improvement of installations allows you to optimize the energy and raw material consumption, thanks to precise measurement tools adapted to your processes. The performance obtained generates a substantial and not insignificant gain in operating and investment costs.

  • Enhanced reliability, improved process availability and productivity
  • Precise measurement for a quality finished product
  • A low failure rate to increase the level of safety and integrity of the equipment
  • Long-term stability in order to reduce frequencies of breakdown, interventions and maintenance costs
  • Short response time to detect rapid variations in the process
  • A long-lasting range guaranteeing the longevity of the equipment


Fuji Electric expertise in chemical industry

Thanks to our experience acquired in the development of transmitters adapted to the most difficult applications (chemical, oil, nuclear, etc.), our company has become an essential centre of competence, recognised in the process industries. The instruments produced by our plants are among the most efficient on the market.

Our teams are present throughout your projects: diagnosis, advice, solutions, commissioning, assistance with operation and maintenance in order to provide the most appropriate response to your problems, and to support you in the control and enhancement of your measurements.


Pressure transmitters designed for the harshest chemical environments

We have developed a wide range of level transmitters with separator(s) resistant to the most severe chemical aggressions. They are ideal for the storage and supply of process raw materials (tanks and buffer tanks, storage of solvents, toxic liquids, ammonia, chlorine, etc.).

Our pressure transmitters and their separators are temperature-compensated to ensure accurate and reliable measurements under all ambient and process conditions.
The materials used in their manufacture guarantee a long service life (stainless steel, Hastelloy C®, Tantalum, Monel®, etc.).
Safety is our priority. Our pressure transmitters are certified for use in hazardous areas and comply with SIL safety and integrity regulations (IEC 61508).


To discover our range of measuring instruments for the chemical industry, consult our catalogue

instrumentation for chemical industries

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