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Meet us at Pollutec exhibition

Fuji Electric France is operating since 1995 as the EMEA base of the industrial instrumentation business and the environmental solutions, including Environmental Monitoring,  flow measurement and radiation monitoring equipment.


Fuji Electric à Pollutec Lyon 2018Fuji Electric France is attending Pollutec exhibition

27th  - 30th november 2018 -  lyon eurexpo france
meet us on booth D100 - hall 5 !

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Continuous biogas flow measurement

Mesure en continu du biogaz

The ZPAF biogas analyzer measures the concentration of gases in CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S simultaneously and continuously. It allows an optimal measurement of the biogas composition and H2S content. Thanks to the use of the specific automatic regeneration system, it is able to continuously measure H2S on scales from 0-500 ppm to 0-5000 ppm.
Accurate - Compact and lightweight (133 x 483 x 382mm (HxWxD); 19" rack mounting, 11kg weight) - Easy to use (easy, clear and simultaneous reading of 4 gas concentrations).

Applications: landfill site, ultimate waste storage site, upstream & downstream gas treatment biogas, digesters and fermenters, sewage treatment plants and laboratories

Integrating the ZPAF analyzer, the ZPSB system is a complete integrated and individually designed package for each site according to its process and environmental constraints. It provides a reliable, robust and efficient continuous measurement of biogas composition and H2S content up to very high levels.

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CO2 monitoring in greenhouses

ANALYSEUR CO2 à infrarouge

The ZFP9 analyzer is a non-dispersive type infrared analyzer measures accurately the concentration of CO2 in the air, indicates the result and simultaneously outputs an analog signal. It can be used as a controller thanks to its upper and lower limit alarm functions.

Applications : CO2 meter in green houses, building ventilation systems, Controlled Atmosphere storage facilities

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Radiation exposure monitoring and recording

DOSIMETRE ELECTRONIQUE PERSONNELThe electronic personal dosimeters NFR50 are ideals to monitor and record radiation exposure levels of workers (nuclear power plant, medical, military and civil security workers


Features : High sensitivity and quick response time. Built-in data communication functions (wifi, Bluetooth, radio, IR & USB). Compact and lightweight with exceptional shock tolerance. Superb visibility through use of large dot LCD display

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