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Fuji Electric FCX A-IV series high-precision pressure transmitters

FCX Series Industrial Instruments
for High Precision Measurements 


Our FCX Series has been a go-to choice for industries worldwide for over 30 years.

With improved precision and faster response time, our new FCX-AIV pressure sensors are certified SIL2/SIL3, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability.

Outstanding Reliability and Performance 

With a measurement cycle of just 40 ms, the FCX-AIV pressure transmitter offers class-leading performance. Its functional safety certification (IEC 61508 SIL2/SIL3) provides peace of mind for industries requiring stringent safety standards.


Precise Measurement Regardless of Environment 

The FCX-AIV pressure transmitter's unique 4D Giration™ technology corrects pressure variations in real-time, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements regardless of your process and environmental conditions. 



Integrate FCX-AIV pressure transmitter into Your Safety Loop 

The FCX-AIV pressure sensor, with its exceptional Safe Failure Fraction (SFF), is a preferred choice for I&C engineers when designing a safety function, reducing the probability of failure and maintaining an optimal level of safety.



Wide Range of Materials for Aggressive Processes 

In addition to 316L stainless steel, fluid-contact parts are available in a variety of materials, catering to a diverse range of applications.




Improve Process Visibility with User-Friendly Digital Indicator 


Our digital indicator allows for fast and intuitive understanding of output levels, while the physical quantity display provides precise measurement readings.



Take control of your process with our high-precision industrial instrumentation. 

Learn more about the FCX Series today!