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Monitoring and data acquisition

Industrial automation and process control are technologies that enable the automation of industrial manufacturing processes and systems. These technologies are used to reduce the costs associated with energy use and production line management. They are also used to improve the quality and productivity of industrial processes and to reduce cycle time and production costs. Industrial process automation and control technologies include plant design, implementation, operation, and maintenance. They can also include control and monitoring systems, and production line management systems.

Monitoring and data acquisition

Monitoring and data acquisition

Instrumentation devices are widely used to record, collect and display process values such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, level, and concentration in various industrial plants.

automation and process control

Fuji Electric offers a complete range of monitoring and data acquisition instruments to help you optimize your process.
Our expert team support you will advise you and guide you in the maintenance or updating of your systems.

Great solutions for signal processing,
recording, display, and monitoring

  • Wireless measurement hub
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Signal conditioners
  • Digital panel meter
  • Wireless Data Logger
  • Field indicator
  • Energy and flow computer for heat and thermal metering
  • Power energy counter