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Made in France

Two plants dedicated to the pressure transmitter, gas analyser and inverters manufacturing.

Our Fuji Electric France team is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our cutting edge manufacturing facility guarantees that we can deliver the highest quality solution, tailored to your industry and application requirements, with competitive delivery times.
In addition to our expertise in manufacturing pressure transmitters, we also have extensive knowledge and experience in the application and supply of the complete range of Fuji Electric instrumentation for measurement, control, regulation and gas analysis.

Clermont-Ferrand, headquarters and assembly worskshop







JuNE 1995 – Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. relocated the European sales and production headquarters for pressure transmitters to Clermont-Ferrand, France.

2000 m² building :

  • Assembly workshop  600m²
  • Assembly and test workshop  900m²
  • Offices : 250m²
  • Warehouse, reception, shipment : 200m²
  • Investment : 1,07 million €

July 2012 – Expansion of the building of 850 m²  

  • Offices (Sales, Marketing, R&D, Engineering and IT department) 500 m²
  • Cabinet workshop and maintenance department 350 m²
  • Investment : 750 K€

Equipment :

  • Class 10 000 clean room
  • TIG & Plasma welding machines
  • Helium leak detector
  • Leak test benchs
  • Oil filling equipment for really high static pressure
  • Vaccum oil filling equipment
  • Pressure calibration benches
  • Capacity measurement
  • Climatic chambers

Services : Assembly workshop - Repair center – R&D, After Sales service and other functions


Cournon d’Auvergne, usinage des pièces

Septembre 2015 – Fuji Electric France celebrated its 20th anniversary and opened its brand new pressure transmitter manufacturing plant in Cournon-d’Auvergne, France.

Mechanical workshop is moved to the new plant in February 2015

2 600 m² building:

  • Mechanical workshop 1 500m²
  • Inverters workshop
  • 7 offices (Solutions and Metrology)

Investment 1,5 million €

Equipment :

  • Numeric controllet lathes (NC)
  • Milling, drilling, tapping
  • Spark discharged machining
  • Cleaning machines
  • Dimensional metrology
  • Degreasing machine
  • Drilling bench


Our know-how

Our new plant located in Cournon-d’Auvergne is dedicated to the machining and assembly of pressure transmitters. To meet individual customer requests we have at our disposal a full range of CNC lathes, EDN’s and a fully traceable, state of the art metrology lab.

metrologie fuji electric usinage fuji electric

At the heart of our pressure transmitters is a measuring cell that is assembled in a class 10,000 clean room. By controlling the cell manufacture and assembly in a highly calibrated environment, we can guarantee accurate, reliable pressure transmitters, whilst maintaining the flexibility to satisfy individual customer requirements.

salle blanche soudure des cellules de mesure fuji electric membranes fuji electric

Pressure transmitter seals are manufactured in Fuji Electric plants. To assemble a diaphragm with seals, we use the TIG welding process, which guarantees long life and a reliable weld. Each weld is leak tested with a Helium Mass Spectrometer.

Soudure de la membrane en salle blanche fuji electric soudure soumise a un test helium fuji electric