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Instrumentation and gas analysis for marine

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It is vital for the marine industry to be able to monitor the exhaust gases from their ships in order to comply with international environmental regulations. Different monitoring solutions (gas analyzers, pressure measurement) can prevent marine pollution.

Fuji Electric measuring instruments support marine industry professionals during each phase of ship construction and operation in order to:

  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Increase yields,
  • Extend the service life of installations,
  • Reduce air pollution.


Measurement and gas analytical technology - Instrumentation
Monitoring and control technology

Fuji marine technologies

Scrubber technology


Fuji Electric is re-applying its core technologies and expertise from the land to the sea.
Through optimal integration of proprietary technology and other products and technologies, Fuji Electric has created a new value-added solution for ships.






Measurement and gas analytical technology - CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

The technology behind Fuji Electric laser gas analyser for ships is a product of its experience in developing air pollution monitoring and measurement equipment for industrial plants.

ZQS Laser gas analyzer: achieving optimized control with Fuji compact, high speed, accurate, low-maintenance laser gas analyser

Fast, accurate analysisStable performance, longer
maintenance cycle
fast and accurate analysislaser analyser for marine application

Fuji Electric’s laser gas analyser is capable of measuring and analysing both SO2 and CO2 in seconds. Its high-speed response time amounts to more precise, higher-resolution monitoring than conventional sampling analysers. The analyser determines in real time the state of exhaust gases after washing; thus, it optimizes the SOx scrubber’s pump operation based on alkali content in wash water.
This leads to improved fuel economy and reduced operating costs.

Fuji Electric’s laser gas analyser can be directly installed on the exhaust flue. Its high anti-dust performance guarantees stable analysis and facilitates low maintenance.

As part of the world’s smallest EGCS, Fuji Electric’s laser gas analyser is one-tenth the size of a conventional sampling analyser. Occupying less space gives it a major advantage over conventional sampling analysers and facilitates both retrofitting and installation in new ships.

Learn more about Fuji Electric Laser gas analysers  

Pressure transmitters marine

transmetteurs de pression avec approbation de type marine DNV-GL





The FCX-AIII (AII V5) and FCX-AII pressure transmitters series received DNV-GL marine-type approval.

The products tested conform to the certification’s requirements and are authorised for installation in the locations listed below:

  •     Temperature D: Open deck on a ship with ambient temperatures from -20°C to +70°C
  •     Humidity B: Anywhere on the ship with a humidity rate up to 100%
  •     Vibration B: Equipment such as combustion engine pumps and heir associated pumping system Everywhere on the ship, including the deck and the  open deck
  •     EMC B: Everywhere on the ship, including the deck and the  open deck
  •     Enclosure C: Open deck, lower deck, lower plates in the engine room