Instrumentation and gas analysis for industrial utilities

Industrial utilities are essential powering resources ranging from steam to fuel and electricity. Maintaining a closer eye on energy consumption can help enhance productivity, quality, and competitiveness of production lines with greater potential for savings. 

Instruments for measuring flow, pressure, level and temperature enable you to monitor your water, electricity and fuel consumption precisely and continuously . They help you detect possible drifts and malfunctions, prevent breakdowns, and optimize maintenance operations.

Gas analysers enable you to monitor your atmospheric emissions andoptimize your industrial processes.

By staying ahead of possible failures through precise monitoring these systems create an opportunity for companies to maximize their returns while reducing their costs significantly over time.

Instrumentation and gas analysis for industrial utilities

Instrumentation and gas analysis for industrial utilities

Fuji Electric provides integration instrumentation solutions for industrial utilities to:

  • Accurately determine your energy consumption
  • Monitor your air emissions
  • Calculate your facilities' efficiency
  • Set up your energy performance indicators
  • Upgrade production installations
  • Monitor your industrial processes
  • Forecast and anticipate your needs


Energy optimisation in industrial processes and utility management

Our solutions: Measure, visualize, monitor and optimize energy consumption


- Saturated steam
- Superheated steam
- Steam condensate
- Flash steam

- Natural gas
- Domestic fuel oil
- Heavy fuel oil

Measuring active and reactive energy, active reactive and apparent power, power factor and current, voltage and frequency, etc.

- Refrigerants
- Heat transfer fluids

Measuring the volume and mass of air flows
Savings potential

- Reduction of leaks
- Improved purging
- Isolation of out-of-service networks
- Maintenance of purge system
- Improved control and use
- Reduced heat losses
Savings potential

- Combustion optimisation
- Efficiency calculation
- Consumption monitoring
Savings potential

- Improvement of network settings
- Load distribution
- Optimisation of sources of consumption
- Modernisation of equipment, motors, inverters, etc.
Savings potential

- Monitoring of thermal exchanges
- Monitoring of clogging
- Optimisation of maintenance operations
- COP* monitoring
*Coefficient of performance
Savings potential

- Monitoring leaks
- Optimisation of air network maintenance (monitoring filter clogging, etc.)
- Keeping pressure levels as low as possible
- Monitoring and optimizing energy consumption

Steam system energy performance

Steam system energy performance

Measurement of steam parameters is essential to optimize processes using saturated and superheated fluids, such as those found in the chemical or petrochemical industries.

Our measurements instruments allow you measure energy flow rates; pressure levels which can be used for compensation purposes if needed along with temperature readings too! This allows companies create smart data that will help them establish relevant performance indicators while monitoring equipment's effectiveness from day-to-day.

Industrial boiler room

Count energy with standardized measurements, develop relevant performance indicators and monitor the performance of industrial boiler plants

Industrial boiler room

Energy optimization of fuels

Energy optimization of fuels

Fuel is a vital resource for the manufacturing industry, providing heat energy required for many key processes.

The industrial sector accounts for 20% of French energy consumption (36% gas and 40% electricity).

Gas and fuel oil are mainly used to produce heat for processes. Fuel oil and gas are frequently used to generate hot air or steam, which are essential for chemical reactions and various industrial operations. Fuel is also used as raw material in industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Other sectors such as engineering, automotive, agri-food, environment and energy use fuel to power equipment or systems needed for their operations.

Hydrocarbons are used as raw materials in the chemical industry.

Through instrumentation, businesses can measure fuel consumption. Any kind of measurement can be done: from fuel oil and hydrocarbon flow rate to gas flow rate, pressure, temperature or combustion regulation analysis. The data gathered through instrumentation allows companies to make informed decisions about their process operations in order to make energy savings and to remain competitive.

Measuring fuel consumption, monitoring waste compliance and combustion efficiency in industrial heating systems

Combustion of industrial boilers

Energy optimization for electricity

Energy optimization of utilities: Electricity

With the entry of competition into the electricity market, industries are finding it increasingly difficult to accurately determine their energy needs so that they can negotiate with power suppliers for optimised rates. Fuji Electric instrumentation is here to bridge that gap and ensure that utilities consume the right amount of energy. The instrumentation makes use of smart data for analysis and distribution of consumed electricity to calculate relevant performance indicators. This instrumentation also includes essential measurements such as power energy counter which allows businesses to remain competitive in a market where prices are constantly fluctuating.

Measure electrical consumption, analyze and distribute consumption and monitor energy performance indicators

Electricity Management

Refrigerant circuit energy performance

Refrigeration circuit energy performance

Industrial air conditions, and refrigerant systems are used in a wide range of industries (pharmaceutical, chemical, etc), including heating and ventilating.

However, the food industry is responsible for as much 57% off electricity consumption due to its reliance on cooling circuits such data centers or public buildings. Fuji Electric has an extensive global offer when it comes down performance optimisation needs!

Measure power consumption, monitor COP (coefficient of performance) and optimize refrigeration cycle performance

Optimizing refrigeration cycle performance

Energy optimization of compressed air network

Energy optimization of compressed air network

Compressed air is an extremely expensive process with a conversion rate that's less than 10%.

Savings of 15%-30% can be achieved by managing networks more accurately, choosing performance indicators wisely and exploiting data appropriately. These savings are available to many industries including glassworks, mechanical, automotive, plastic, smelting plant and engineering industries—or any other plant where accurate flow, pressure, temperature or power consumption information are necessary for effective operations.

Measure standard flow rates and power consumption, monitor air compressor pressure and efficiency

Optimizing the performance of an industrial air compressor

Energy efficiency of industrial utilities

Energy performance indicators give you the ability to monitor your consumption accurately and continuously, detect possible drifts in machinery operation or malfunctions of equipment. They also help optimize maintenance operations for increased efficiency which ultimately frees up financial capacity that can be allocated towards developing our core business while ensuring high energy quality standards continue without interruption.

Engaging in an energy optimization process means:

  • Free up financial capacities and allocate them to the development of your core business
  • Increasing your industrial and energy performance
  • Managing all your utilities (compressed air, steam, electricity, fuel, heating and cooling systems)
  • Continuously improving the performance of your production equipment

Let's work out a measurement plan tailored to your industry!

Whatever your industrial sector(oil & gas, electric, thermal or nuclear power, chemicals, paper, food & beverage, water & environment, pharmaceuticals, glassmaking, mechanics, metallurgy, steelmaking, etc.), our teams are there for you every step of the way: diagnostics, consulting, solutions, commissioning, operating assistance, calibration and maintenance, to provide the most appropriate response to your needs, and support you in controlling and making the most of your energy measurements.

Optimize, monitor and prevent your energy consumption with our measuring instruments and gas analysers!

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